Kim Kardashian Halloween Costumes: Have an Awesome Halloween!

Kim Kardashian Halloween
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If you do not have your Halloween costume yet, then you might want to consider going as Kim Kardashian! Yes, we know what you think, but there are so many ways to get a Kim K costume easily! Check out our top 10 Kim Kardashian-inspired Halloween costume ideas curated just for you.

Sexy Halloween costumes are not hard to come by these days, but where can you find a Kim Kardashian Halloween costume? Don’t waste any more time lost in thought, because we have the best list right here! DIY Kim K costumes are all the rage today, and even if you think it’ll be too much work, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to dress like the millionaire for Halloween.

There are a lot of costume ideas trending for Halloween 2017, like Wonder Woman, Pennywise, Belle, and Daenerys Targaryen. But there is one costume that trends almost every year: Kim Kardashian West! So go ahead, spend a day in Kim K’s shoes and make Halloween 2017 your most memorable so far. Here are the top 10 Kim Kardashian Halloween costume ideas.

#1. Sweet and Saucy Mermaid

The green flappy and glittery gown that Kim K wore as a mermaid is just too perfect not to wear this year. If you are a fan of mermaids then you’re going to love this costume! Just place your order and wait for the costume to come to your front door!


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#2. Pregnant Kim Kardashian 

Do you remember the floral dress with a high slit that Kim wore while she was pregnant? Well, that is an iconic look now, and there is not a single person who won’t recognize your costume! Center part your hair, gel it down in a pony, and stuff a pillow inside to complete the look.

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#3. Bubble Butt

Kim Kardashian is known for her eclectic and in-your-face fashion sense and photoshoots. But this champagne and black dress picture took the cake, and is still her most popular picture of all time. The photoshoot broke the Internet and recreating this costume is not going to be difficult!

You can use tin foil to make a bottle if you don’t already have one, and buy a plastic champagne flute. Wear a sequined black dress, and add pearls to be all set!

#4. Kimye Anyone?

Get your partner involved in this couples Halloween costume idea, and go as Kimye! Wear your hair in a sleek pony and put on an oversized jacket and sunglasses. Your partner can wear a thick gold chain, with a casual jeans and tee combo paired with an army jacket and sneakers!

You can even wear her infamous diamond ring to make the look more authentic.

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#5. Poison Ivy Kardashian

Kim K dressed up as Poison Ivy and looked amazing! Women will go green with envy when they see you as Poison Ivy, and there is no better way to finish it off than with Kim K’s infamous green mask. You can make one at home using green glitter and felt, or just can buy the whole outfit. Don’t forget the ruby red wig and shoes!

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#6. K-ween of Hearts!

When Kim K went as the Queen of Hearts, she didn’t leave a single head unturned! The whole package wraps up really well, and your friends and family will know exactly who you are. The character is sure to make a statement, and if you add red high heels and a black wig, you can convince people you are Kim K.

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#7. Sailor Girl

If you want your costume to stand out this Halloween, then we suggest you opt for this sexy sailor girl costume. It’s a great look for women who want to create waves at a party, and you can have so much fun with it as a group or couples costume!

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#8. Sexy Leopard Costume

A leopard jumpsuit makes for a very intriguing costume, and this one has a seductive underbelly! Kim Kardashian looked wild in this outfit, and you can too. You can also go as a seductive leopard this Halloween, and stand out from the crowd.

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#9. Princess Jasmine

Kim Kardashian can always make any look her own, and is always in the spotlight on Halloween. Of every costume she’s rocked, none were as good as her Princess Jasmine! The long black hair, blue harem pants, and cute little crop top added oomph to the outfit. You can make this costume your own by carrying a stuffed toy tiger with you!

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#10. Skeleton Woman

It’s a classic costume that you can’t go wrong with. The best part about the costume is the Halloween makeup that goes with it, and the countless tutorials online. With a black jumpsuit with brushed on bones, the look is just fabulous! This is another iconic Kim K Halloween outfit, and you are bound to look spooky enough to catch people’s attention.

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Skeleton Woman

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