Photo:Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

Seth Meyers, the host of Late Night with Seth Meyers, knows how to tell a good joke; besides being a late night talk show host, he was also the head writer of Saturday Night Live for 13 years. And there are few things as ripe with possibilities for a joke as politicians, as Meyers proved today—and Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump unfortunately learned!

The former SNL Weekend Update anchor posted an image of his own creation with the text, “Millennials and sucking candies have a lot in common.” The image, a Venn diagram, is split into two parts. The first features two circles, with one reading “Millennials” and the other reading “Werther’s Originals,” a caramel-flavored candy that are traditionally known to be favored by senior citizens. The second part of the image below the first brings the circles partially together, with the overlapped section reading, “Things Bernie Sanders Has In His Pocket.”

The joke references two things. The first is that the Democrat is a popular choice of candidate with Millennials, those born between the 80s and early 2000s, thanks to developing a strong presence online; in contrast, his closest rival for the Democratic candidacy, Hillary Clinton, is notoriously bad with the Internet and very unpopular on social media. Sanders has also been seen as one of the more honest politicians, with the man himself noting that the young people “understand that something is wrong in this country when our middle class continues to decline and when they may end up with a lower standard of living than their parents.”

The other part of the joke is pretty obvious: Bernie Sanders is rather old at 74 (he would be the oldest president ever, were he to win) and old people apparently like Werther’s. Perhaps Seth Meyers was trying to point out the huge disparity between Sanders’ age and his primary support base?

Meyers wasn’t the only person tweeting about Bernie Sanders lately. Actor Rob Lowe watched Sanders during the Democratic Town Hall on January 25 and wrote, “Watching Bernie Sanders. He’s hectoring and yelling at me WHILE he’s saying he’s going to raise our taxes. Interesting way to communicate.” The tweet has stirred up some controversy due to a wealthy celebrity being the one to make such a comment. Perhaps Lowe should’ve taken Seth Meyers’ approach and made a joke about it instead!

Fortunately for Sanders, he wasn’t the only one that Seth Meyers attacked. In the full segment frim the show, the comedian also made a comparison for Donald Trump. According to Meyers, the one thing that “Trump’s poll numbers” and “Christmas decorations” have in common is they’re both “things that shouldn’t still be up.” You can watch the full segment below!