It may seem ironic given the type of comedy he presents in his hit shows and movies, but funnyman Seth MacFarlane has an issue with the recent list of 2016 Oscar nominees. And in true Seth MacFarlane fashion, he made his point in a very unique way: through parody and song!

MacFarlane’s Twitter and Facebook page featured the Family Guy creator subtly jabbing the Oscars with the following lyrics: “Lovin’ so warm, Oscars so white/Closin’ our eyes and feelin’ the light/We’ll just go on burnin’ bright/Somewhere in the night.” This is actually a take on the Barry Manilow song “Somewhere In The Night,” with the original lyrics being, “Lovin’ so warm, movin’ so right/Closin’ our eyes and feelin’ alive/We’ll just go on burnin’ bright/Somewhere in the night.”

But the important word in Seth MacFarlane’s version is “white,” because that’s what he takes offense to; the white-heavy, diversity-lacking Oscar nominations. In fact, this is the second year in a row in which the four major acting categories feature zero minorities. And it’s not that there weren’t any minorities in major roles this year, as the likes of Will Smith, Idris Elba, and Michael B. Jordan all being snubbed.

This perceived bias has seen Twitter explode with the “OscarsSoWhite” hashtag, also used last year, and the similar “OscarsSoWhiteAgain.” And while Seth MacFarlane didn’t use either hashtag, his fans got the message loud and clear. Many tried their own songs to make the same point, such as, “I’m… dreaming…of a White… Oscars…. [sic],” and, “The plight of the white. The black in the back. Biz as usual in LaLaLand. Was & is still kinda bland [sic].” A couple people made the case that the nominations were based on skill and that it’s important to vote for who deserves it rather than for the sake of diversity.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely Seth MacFarlane can make a difference either way at this point; comments like these probably mean it’s unlikely he’ll ever be asked to host again! (MacFarlane hosted the 85t Academy Awards back in 2013.)


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