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Selena Gomez’ health has been an issue for the last few years. People often ask, “What disease does Selena Gomez have?” Gomez suffers from Lupus disease. So, naturally many are also asking, “What is Lupus?” Don’t worry, we will tell you what Lupus is right here. Gomez’ fans are very concerned about her health, especially after her Lupus diagnosis. The answer to the question, “Is Selena Gomez sick?” is, yes she is.

Understanding Lupus

Lupus is actually the short name for ‘Lupus Erythematosus’. Lupus is a collection of autoimmune diseases, in which the human immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissues. The disease may affect several body systems like joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, heart and lungs. The symptoms include joint pain and swelling. Other common symptoms include chest pain when taking deep breaths, oral ulcer, fatigue, fever, hair loss, skin rashes and swollen lymph nodes. Lupus could range from mild to severe affliction. Check out the Lupus disease wiki page on the net. The cause of Lupus is not known, however factors like genes, age, sex, and diet are all factors that could be credited. Lupus could be hereditary, though the chances of Lupus being passed on from parent to child are slim. Studies have shown that only 0.4-5% of people who have family members with Lupus, actually develop it themselves, so many doctors do not believe family is a major contributing factor.

Who is Vulnerable?

Lupus can afflict a person at any age, but most commonly it affects people who are between the ages 15 to 44. Unfortunately the symptoms of the disease are more pronounced in people of a younger age, and women are more vulnerable to get it than men. People with juvenile onset Lupus are vulnerable to skin rashes, alopecia and ulcerations of the mucous membranes. It has not been announced exactly what kind of lupus has affected Gomez, but reports suggest that she is suffering from fatigue, anxiety and depression. This is the reason why Gomez has decided to take some time off from her hectic schedule of singing and doing live shows.

Gomez is not Alone

About 5 million people in the world suffer from some form of the Lupus disease. According to statistics, Lupus is 8-13% more common in women than in men. It is interesting to know that race can also be a factor in determining those at risk for Lupus. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, a study found that over 500,000 Americans have some form of Lupus. They also found that the disease affected 1 in every 600 white women (of child-bearing age) and in 1 in every 200 black women. Approximately, 20% of people suffering from Lupus might have another member of their family  (a parent or a sibling) have it as well, as bout 5% of children born to a parent who has Lupus could be at risk to have it, too.

The statistics for the U.S. are even worse. Lupus could occur from infancy to old age, with peak occurrences between 15 and 40. It affects females approximately 6 to 10 times more than males.

What Happens to Gomez?

Luckily, the disease has been diagnosed early in Gomez’ case. So, with good care Gomez should have no problem living a full life. Though the disease could be mildly life threatening, right now there is no immediate danger to Gomez’ life. So, the good news for all her fans is that Gomez is undergoing proper treatment and she is bound to recover, and continue to delight fans with her talent!

Showing Courage

After Gomez revealed that she is suffering from Lupus, many celebrities have offered Gomez their encouragement. Taylor Swift wants to give a big hug to Gomez for being so strong and having the courage to tell everyone about her affliction. Many people from all over the world have sent messages of love and support to Gomez, as well. It helps to have such a strong and supportive fan base! With so many people wanting Gomez to recover fast, there is no doubt that good wishes are going to have an effect. Get well soon, Selena. We love you!