Selena Gomez is probably just as famous for dating Justin Bieber as she is for her successful music and acting career. After dating for almost two years, the celebrity couple finally decided to break up in January 2013. Many reports speculated that 21-year-old Gomez was fed up with 19-year-old Bieber’s reckless and immature behavior. It looks like she may have learned a thing or two about dating a man—or should we say a boy—who’s younger than her, because she’s got her eye on someone significantly older now.

When recently asked who her latest celebrity crush is, Gomez revealed that she has her heart set on a much older man—George Clooney, who is 31 years older than she is. She admitted that it used to be 21-year-old actor Logan Lerman, but she’s since moved on to Clooney, who happens to be single since he split from his younger, long-term girlfriend, Stacy Keibler.

While it might be a little far-fetched to think of Clooney and Gomez as the next hottest celebrity couple, it isn’t hard to believe that after spending two years with Bieber, Gomez sees the advantages of dating an older man.


What do you think: Should Selena Gomez date an older man? Who do you think she would make a good couple with?


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