Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas has always been proud of his Spanish roots and often tweets about issues in and affecting South American and Latin regions. So it’s no wonder that when Chile was struck with a massive 8.3-magnitude earthquake (followed by a 15-foot tsunami) on the evening of September 16, Banderas immediately took to Twitter to show his support.

The actor’s comment, which was written in Spanish (like most of his social media posts), translates to, “All the strength to my Chilean brothers against this new onslaught of nature,” along with the hashtag #FuerzaChile. (“Fuerza” means strength.)

Many of Banderas’ followers commented on his post, adding their own sentiments and condolences for the eight people who died in the disaster.


When natural disasters and major incidents like this occur, social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook quickly become an outlet for people to not only share their thoughts and support, but to also share the reality of what’s happening. For instance, many journalists and news outlets are posting pictures and videos of the destruction left behind by the earthquake and tsunami.

In the United States, Hawaii and southern California have both been issued tsunami advisories. Although the change of a major tsunami is believed to be relatively low, the changing sea levels and strong currents can still pose a risk.

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