Second Presidential Debate Polls: Who Is Winning in the Post-Debate Polls?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
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The second presidential debate has concluded and the polls are in! Is Hillary Clinton still leading from the previous debate’s polls or did Donald Trump turn the tables on the Democratic candidate? Below are the poll results from two main sources: CNN/ORC poll and YouGov poll.

GOP nominee and real estate businessman, Donald Trump clashed with Democratic candidate and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate. The town hall-style debate, which took place in St. Louis, Missouri, was moderated by Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz. The candidates brought up issues from the previous debate and also responded to some key questions from voters this time around. Now that the second presidential debate is complete, here’s what the post-debate polls are saying.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

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Who Is Winning? (CNN/ORC Poll)

After the second presidential debate, CNN/ORC and YouGov polls have shown Hillary Clinton to be in the lead. According to CNN/ORC, voters who watched the debate and/or took the poll gave Clinton 57% of the vote and Trump 34%.

Although Trump lost, the gap has narrowed. After the first debate, Trump only earned 27% votes as opposed to Clinton’s 62%. Following the first debate, Clinton had also gained a lead in key election states. Her campaign is doing well enough, so she doesn’t want to do anything to ruin it. Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign was hit by a scandal on the eve of the second debate. The Republican nominee (who’s already received flak throughout his campaign for his comments on women) was revealed to have made some shockingly sexist comments, which were caught on tape and made public. Despite the scandal, the figures on Trump’s side have increased since the first debate.


Breakdown of the Results (YouGov Poll)

The YouGov poll has also gone in favor of Hillary Clinton. YouGov interviewed 812 registered voters who watched the debate. Their results were narrower than CNN/ORC’s, giving Clinton 47% over Trump’s 42%. After the first debate, YouGov’s poll had revealed that 57% of the voters favored Clinton.

Clinton also narrowly won the undecided voters by 44% to Trump’s 41%. There was also a gender gap in the polls. Women thought that Clinton won by 50-38%, while men thought Trump won by 46-43%. They also voted on who was “most presidential” and who interrupted the most during the debate.

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The figures are worrisome for the Republican party because it’s exactly in line with Trump’s support base of 34-38%. The YouGov poll shows that Clinton is able to win over undecided voters, unlike Trump. The revelation of his tapes that seem to prove his sexist side has proven advantageous for the Democratic Party. Even the Republican Party had denounced Trump since the scandal, and he’s losing support.

What Were the Reactions to the Second Debate?

The second debate was more low-key than the first debate, mainly because Clinton opted to stay away from anything that would hurt her lead in the polls. Trump, too, was a little less erratic than the first debate, but still evaded many questions and had his moments. Other than his sniffing and prowling too close to Clinton’s personal space, he failed to back his arguments. He had some strong points but he wasn’t prepared enough to put it across strongly.

Recently, both candidates have had some scandalous blows. WikiLeaks alleged that paid speeches to Wall Street firms that conflicted with Clinton’s liberal approach. The Clinton campaign was able to suppress the potential scandal by questioning the authenticity of the leaked documents.

Following this incident, Trump and his image-damaging sexist tapes diverted attention from Clinton. In the debate, though, Clinton was able to turn the scandal around by taking a jab at Trump’s friendship with Russia and emphasizing where the documents were leaked from.

Even if Trump’s figures have improved since the first debate, it has failed to turn more voters his way. Simply put, the number of his supporters just isn’t increasing. Meanwhile, Clinton is gaining a slow and steady lead and she’s doing everything she can not to disrupt it.



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