The Second Chance TV show premiere aired last night (January 13) and it was interesting to say the least! However, ratings-wise, it appeared to be a rather weak premiere. Can the show build momentum following its debut?

Second Chance season 1 episode 1 introduced Robert Kazinsky as Jimmy Pritchard, an elderly disgraced former sheriff of Kings County, Washington who was forced into retirement after his corruption was made public. When a robbery attempt is made on his son’s home, Pritchard winds up dead. However, a rich young genius named Otto Goodwin (played by Adhir Kalyan) and his twin sister Mary (played by Dilshad Vadsaria) manage to bring him back to life in a younger, different-looking body, giving Pritchard a second chance to do right by others.



The Second Change TV show premiere takes its core concept from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, but with plenty of twists. For instance, unlike the original monster, Pritchard has a family. Though they are not aware he’s come back to life, Pritchard tries to help his son, who happens to be an FBI agent, solve cases. There’s also the interesting dynamic between the twins; Mary needs Otto to help cure her cancer and Otto needs Mary to be his liaison with the rest of the world.

Second Chance season 1, episode 1 shows the format the series will follow, with a new case every week and Pritchard trying to improve his relationship with his kids. Unlike some other police shows, and particularly different from other “buddy cop” programs, the Second Chance premiere featured a different take on using technology to solve crimes, as the source of the twins’ wealth, a social network called Lookinglass, is used to acquire information on potential suspects and leads. Don’t be surprised if a later episode examines the invasion of privacy this involves, given it’s a serious real-world topic.

The Second Chance TV show premiere is the first of a planned 11 episodes for the first season and is scheduled to continue airing Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. EST on Fox. (Second Chance season 1 episode 2 will air on Wednesday, January 20.) But if you want to get caught up now before more episodes come up, Second Chance season 1, episode 1, titled Suitable Donor, is available for streaming on Fox’s web site. With an interesting modern take on the Frankenstein mythos, it will be interesting to see if the show breathes new life into the genre, or if it’s all the same nuts and bolts as other police dramas.

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