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Sebastian Lletget’s dream of playing soccer for the United States national team has come true. He also found love with actress and singer, Becky G. Lletget has a modest net wealth of $1.0 million and is paving the way for a bright future.

Becky G is thrilled at the response of her recently-released Power Rangers film. She is even happier because of the man in her life she gets to celebrate with! He is none other than American soccer player, Sebastian Lletget. It was her Power Rangers costar, Naomi Scott who introduced Iletget to Becky G, and after seeing the couple’s connection, is convinced that they are going to get married! People are curious to know more about Becky G’s boyfriend, so we here are some interesting facts about him.

A Childhood Passion for Soccer

Sebastian Iletget was born on September 3, 1992, in San Francisco, California to Argentine parents. His childhood was spent in Northern California, where he played soccer for the Sporting Santa Clara of Silicon Valley. His skills got him noticed and he was signed by the West Ham United International Academy, where he had to make the move to England.



Lletget’s Dream Comes True

Lletget Dream

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After a couple of years playing for West Ham, Lletget was signed to LA Galaxy. He made his debut on the team on May 17, 2015 and quickly impressed everyone with his skills. Despite the team losing several key games, Lletget’s performance was exceptional and he became a crowd favorite. Lletget’s childhood dream came true on January 29, 2017, when he played his first game for the U.S. national team against Serbia. He played for the United States national team in the under 17, under 20, and under 23 levels.



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A Modest Net Worth

Lletget is just 24 years of age and is relatively new in the field of professional soccer. That is why Sebastian Lletget’s net worth is a modest $1.0 million. Sebastian Lletget’s salary in 2016 was $115,500 and is currently under review. Seeing his passion and skill for soccer, there is little doubt that Lletget will soon be among the wealthiest soccer players.

How Lletget Met His Girlfriend

Lletget Love

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Right now, Sebastian Lletget is on cloud nine with actress, Becky G. He was introduced to his girlfriend when she was filming Power Rangers. Initially, Becky G was hesitant to meet Lletget and said, “Nah, I don’t want to be with anybody. I’ve been there, done that [with] the relationship thing. I’m focused right now. I’m good, I’m good.” Then she met Lletget and changed her tune saying, “He’s fine, good looking. What is going on?” She admits, “It kind of all led to that. He came out of nowhere.”

Lletget Scores on All Fronts

Sebastian Lletget is one of those few lucky people who has it all in both their professional and personal lives. Though he was once silent about his personal life, he seems to have opened up a bit more since dating Becky G. The two are regularly seen together and the singer has even shared a photo on Instagram of the couple kissing on the soccer field. It seems that Lletget has scored big time on and off the field!

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