It’s been less than two months since Sean Penn’s engagement to Charlize Theron ended, but according to Us Weekly, he’s already jumping back into the dating game. The 54-year-old actor reportedly went on an intimate dinner date with CSI: NY actress Emmanuelle Vaugier, 39. The pair was spotted enjoying a meal together at a private corner booth at the back of the popular restaurant Madeo in West Hollywood.

According to a source who saw them there, Penn and Vaugier “seemed to have good chemistry” and appeared to be enjoying their in-depth conversation. After eating, they made their way to the restaurant’s back patio, which was even more secluded, where he enjoyed a smoke and she sipped on her martini. This is said to have been his first one-on-one date since splitting from Theron at the end of June.

Although we should note that there’s no confirmation that Penn and Vaugier are actually dating—it’s just as likely that the dinner was nothing more than a friendly catch-up or business meeting even—it wouldn’t be surprising if they did have something going on.


Besides, you can’t blame him for wanting to move on, because Theron was supposedly the one who called off the engagement by ignoring his messages and dodging his calls. An insider said at the time, “[It] was very volatile. They both have intense personalities and are control freaks. He’s a tough person, and she’s no picnic either.”


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