How many magazine covers do you think a celebrity appears on in their lifetime? Hundreds? Maybe thousands, if they’re international mega-stars? It’s certainly possible. So it would have to feel less impressive once you reach the double digits, right? Wrong. Because as Scream Queens star Emma Roberts will tell you, the right 100th cover can be just as big a deal as the first!

Roberts apparently couldn’t wait to log into Instagram and share her latest magazine cover appearance; she’s featured on the front of the January 2016 issue of Allure. The cover features Roberts in an alluring pose (no pun intended—OK, maybe a little) and a quote from her interview within the magazine: “I want to show up to work and not care what I look like.”

Along with an image of the Allure cover, Roberts posted a comment about how elated she is. “Still in shock over this! Always wanted to be on your cover @allure thank you!! [sic]” she wrote. Apparently the star always dreamt of being on the cover of Allure. Who knew?


Still in shock over this! Always wanted to be on your cover @allure ???????? thank you !!

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At least 180,000 fans of Emma Roberts shared her sentiments, because that’s how many have liked the Instagram post so far. The excitement was also apparent in the comments. Besides the obvious slew of comments on how attractive the actress looked, someone noted that they “love her makeup” and that she is “literally perfection.” Another did the logical thing and didn’t judge a book by its cover; they vowed to buy the magazine the next day!

As for Emma Roberts in the “moving pictures,” she of course recently acknowledged the end of Scream Queens’ first season and how grateful she was to her fans. She is still on tap to star in the film Nerve, a thriller about a dangerous game of “Truth or Dare.” As for after that, well, she probably has a lot more magazine covers in her future and, fingers crossed, a brand Scream Queens season 2—fans are eagerly waiting to her whether or not the series will be renewed by Fox.


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