Amy Schumer is known for making people laugh, but some of the comedian’s Twitter followers weren’t very amused after reading some of her posts today.

Like many other celebrities, Schumer took to Twitter to share her thoughts and condolences following the tragic mass shooting in San Bernardino, California yesterday that killed 14 people and injured 21 others. But it’s what she posted after that really got people talking.

Schumer posted a call-out on Twitter earlier today asking people to follow in her footsteps by texting “enough” to the number 877-877 in order to “tell congress directly that we want background checks on ALL gun sales.” Schumer added, “Do it now! I did!”



Almost immediately, her tweet started receiving comments from followers who counteracted her stance on using background checks as a means for ending gun violence. As several people pointed out, background checks are already in place, but that it’s the criminals and illegal guns that are really the problem. Others questioned how doing background checks would help to prevent incidents like what happened in San Bernardino.

However, Schumer did have one famous supporter—actor Mark Ruffalo, who retweeted her post to his two million followers, along with over 1,100 others who retweeted it as well.

Despite the criticism, Schumer didn’t sit back and ignore it all. She posted another tweet, this time trying to clarify what she was trying to say: “I did not write take away all guns. Just for background checks. Take a breath and help stop gun violence #stopgunviolence.” She also took a minute to respond to one of the people who commented about how background checks are already being done. “Yes you are right. But you can buy online or gunshows or in a parking lot too. We can do better,” replied Schumer.

In her true comedic style, however, Schumer did try to lighten the mood with a couple of lighthearted follow-up tweets, like, “Just found out Busta Rhymes is not related to Leann. #majorletdown.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/amyschumer

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