Scary Halloween Makeup

Scary Halloween Makeup
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Let’s be realistic. A Halloween costume is incomplete without slathering scary makeup on your face. If you don’t have any artistic ability, you can probably hire a makeup artist. However, if you need inspiration for Halloween, then do take a look at five scary Halloween makeup ideas.


Halloween is incomplete without spooky makeup complimenting your costume. If you are all set with your costume and accessories, then we suggest you do something about your makeup also. Instead of opting for basic makeup, why not doll up your face with scary Halloween makeup themes?

The idea of opting for easy Halloween makeup ideas in 2016 is not bad at all, if you think about it. People, undoubtedly have started showing some interest in paranormal creatures and these creatures have capture millions of hearts. Vampire TV series, mummies, witches, zombies, and other forms of paranormal television shows are the reason behind people opting for scary makeup ideas. After all, we love to emulate these characters and opt for costumes with scary themes. Hence to complete your look, we suggest you take a look at these DIY scary Halloween makeup ideas.

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

It does not matter if you take days or hours to decide about your Halloween costume, but the make up ideas mentioned below will definitely put you in the limelight. Also, another important thing is that for people who don’t have time, there are some last minute scary Halloween makeup ideas too. So, without any further ado, let us get started.

#1 Fancy Being a Skeleton


If you want to opt for something chic as well as something scary, then you should definitely opt for this look.

#2 Bleeding Eyes Makeup


If you want to opt for something simple yet effective, then this is the perfect look. Anybody can pull off this look and it is easy to make red-colored spooky veins. All you need is red-colored contact lenses.

#3 Scary Pumpkin


Who said you can only carve out pumpkins—you can adopt the look on your face also. So, even if your pumpkin is not that scary at least your face would look scary.

#4 Hypnotizing Joker


Again this is another easy Halloween makeup idea. To complete this Joker look, do invest in a pair of some good quality contact lenses, because scary eyes is extremely important to complete the look.

#5 Bruised Mouth


Add some red lipstick and red lip gloss because this look will definitely turn heads in Halloween party. This look will definitely give people nightmares.



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