Gladiators, get the wine and popcorn ready because the Scandal Season 6 premiere is finally here! After months of waiting and a week-long delay from its originally planned premiere, TGIT is back and all eyes are on the Scandal cast. A lot happened in the Season 5 finale, but we’re here to get you up to speed with the cast, and how to watch Scandal online.

How to Stream Scandal

When it comes to Scandal, time stands still and every second counts, so naturally you may want to watch in a way that no one will disturb you, but is also convenient. Fans can stream Scandal on the official ABC website as the show airs on Thursday January 26 at 9:00 p.m. EST. As part of your “Scandal viewing kit” make sure to have lots of wine on hand, popcorn (extra butter), turn of your phone and bring a friend over! This is not a drill—Scandal is back with a brand-new season and you’re definitely going to want to see what’s in store!

Now that Scandal’s leading lady, Kerry Washington is back from her maternity leave, the show can resume with an all-new season of mystery, danger, and killer monologues. It felt like forever ago the last time we saw Olivia & Co., but thankfully now, Thursdays are back to their former glory! Sadly, this season is only 16 episodes long, which is a lot better than being cancelled. The dip in ratings weren’t nearly enough to drop the hit political drama, keeping our Thursdays interesting again.

While gladiators had to wait for Olivia and friends to return, ABC added in their new legal/journalism drama, Notorious as a place holder for Scandal’s 9:00 p.m. slot. The show wasn’t cancelled, but their first season was cut down to 10 episodes. It was a nice distraction, but now fans are ready to welcome their former favorite fixer.


Scandal Season 6 Cast

The Cast of Scandal

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

The last time we saw Olivia, she was going through a lot of changes and we don’t just mean her new colorful wardrobe! From being kidnapped to having an abortion, to killing her kidnapper—it’s safe to say that Olivia had an eventful year, maybe a little too eventful. The Prada-toting fixer was last seen standing up to her father to release Jake from his power and influence. What Olivia doesn’t know is that her father, “Papa Pope” manipulated things so she would finally stand up to him and get some real power like he’s always wanted her to. Now, Olivia is on the move for the White House, priming herself to become the right hand to presidential candidate Mellie Grant, with Jake as Mellie’s vice president. Olivia practically ran the White House, pulling Fitz’s strings, but now she’s officially going after some real power!

Kerry Washington, Scandal

Scott Foley as Jake Ballard

Jake is finally free of Olivia’s father, but now he’s under Oliva’s command! Jake wasn’t too pleased to be taking orders from his ex-girlfriend in the Season 5 finale, but now he has no choice but to follow orders, once again. He’s also still married, but we can expect him and Olivia to have one of their classic midnight rendezvous scenes. But how long will he play along?

Scott Foley, Scandal


Katie Lowes as Quinn Perkins

When we first met Quinn, she didn’t know how to take a coffee order properly, now she’s a seasoned gladiator in a suit/former government assassin, who carries a gun like it’s gum. She keeps Olivia Pope & Associates running and is always up for anything!

Katie Lowes, Scandal

Guillermo Diaz as Huck  

Huck has been through a lot, but now he’s back into the fold and still the best guard dog Olivia has on hand. In the Season 6 premiere, we see Huck and Quinn witness a cabin explode while searching for a woman! Yikes!

Guillermo Diaz, Scandal


Cornelius Smith, Jr. as Marcus Walker

Client-turned-gladiator, Marcus has finally been accepted into the grim world of OPA, after taking a while to get used to the way Olivia and her friends do business. (We’re guessing he didn’t dump dead bodies at his old job.) We were skeptical when he joined the cast of Scandal as the new Harrison, but he’s kind of grown on us. Last season, he found his strength in being able to keep Mellie calm during the campaign -and they almost kissed!

Cornelius Smith Jr., Scandal

Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan

Abby definitely changed in Season 5 and Olivia didn’t like who she was becoming, probably because Abby was acting like the old Olivia! The former gladiator in a suit managed to prove she was a big dog after all, by hanging Olivia out to dry and taking Cryus’ job as the president’s chief of staff! Now, she and Olivia are on the same page and have returned to being friends, at least for now anyway. Abby will be getting her own fast-talking monologue, putting a man in his place and showing him who’s in charge.

Darby Stanchfield, Scandal

Jeff Perry as Cyrus Beene

Cyrus had his hands full last year: losing his job to Abby, having his husband take his daughter away, and orchestrating a shooting that resulted in a new candidate for president. Now, Cyrus has put himself on the ticket of Democrat presidential candidate, Frankie Vargas. Looks like Cyrus isn’t quite ready to retire!

Jeff Perry, Scandal


Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant

By the looks of things, Mellie may have just become the first female president, which could be both good and bad, depending on how you look at it and depending on how much dirty work is involved. Mellie has come a long way and no one ever thought she would rule the world with her ex-husband’s ex-mistress—but here we are.

Bellamy Young, Scandal

Tony Goldwyn as President Fitz Grant

After years of waiting, Fitz and Olivia finally became a real couple, but there were too many lies and obstacles. Now, Fitz is divorced and dating anyone and everyone until his last day in office. He took Olivia’s abortion news well but she didn’t care, leaving fans to wonder if these “frenemies” will ever get back together.

Tony Goldwyn, Scandal

We hope these brief character recaps will prepare you for all the surprises, excitement and nail-biting drama that is on its way, as Scandal makes its way back into its Thursday night time slot! Catch an all-new Scandal episode tonight at 10:00 p.m. on ABC! Until then, check out the exciting trailer for season 6 below!

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