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For the past two years, Savannah Tennyson has been forecasting weather for the residents of Springfield, Missouri. And now she is embarking on a new adventure in her career. Savannah Tennyson is leaving KOLR10/FOX49 News for an exciting opportunity in meteorology. Since the announcement, viewers have been wondering where Savannah Tennyson is going next and if she will remain in Springfield. Read on to learn what the meteorologist said about her departure from the station.

Savannah Tennyson to Leave KOLR10/FOX49

Savannah Tennyson graduated from the University of Tennessee. And while in college, she also had the opportunity to chase the most beautiful tornado in Great Plains.

In 2020, Tennyson presented her undergraduate research project, Prolonged Severe Tornado Outbreak in the Context of Atmospheric Blocking, at the meeting of the American Meteorological Society in Boston.

Tennyson joined KOLR/FOX49 from Cheyenne, Wyoming, where she served as an evening meteorologist at KGWN-TV. While working for KGWN, she also got an opportunity to report on the March 2021 snowstorm that dropped 31 inches of snow.

Springfield residents embraced Tennyson with open arms and struck up a good connection with the meteorologist. And when she was on leave in February 2023 to treat her tonsil, viewers were very worried and missed her on the screens.

But now, she has announced the bittersweet news of her departure. Savannah Tennyson is leaving KOLR10/FOX49 to explore a new and exciting opportunity in meteorology.

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Savannah Tennyson’s last day on the air at KOLR10/FOX49 will be April 24, 2023. Moreover, the meteorologist has promised to share more details about this new position, which will help her expand her atmospheric horizons in the coming days.

Tennyson has started her new innings at KCTV5 in Kansas City  and made her debut on May 16, 2023. For the last few days, she has been busy training for her new role with meteorologist Greg Bennett. And by this weekend, she will be working in full swing.