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Nick Viall is looking for love on reality TV for the fourth time. In the running for his heart are 21 beautiful ladies, and among whom is Sarah Vendal, a grade school teacher from California. If you’re not up-to-date with the latest news on Bachelor season 21, consider yourself warned. This piece contains spoilers.

The Bachelor fans both loved and rolled their eyes at 26-year-old Sarah Vendal. The grade school teacher was the first non-limo arrival this season, and she chose to run up The Bachelor mansion driver in a pink gown and sneakers. Though not a terrible first impression, she ruined with her opening line of being another “runner-up.” Her pun did not go so well. Nevertheless, Vendal is one beautiful woman. If you glance through her Instagram pics, you’ll have to agree. Check out the hottest photos of Sarah Vendal from her Instagram below. Prepare yourself for more of Sarah Vendal’s witty puns!

#1. Her Smile Lights up a Room

Not only does she have a beautiful smile, she also knows how to get creative with her captions. Sarah was one of the chosen ones who got to go on the first group date of the season and she had a wedding photoshoot with Viall in a short wedding dress.

#2. Enjoying the Beach

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Naut a care in the world!!

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Vendal is a stunning Californian beauty at Nautilus South Beach. Once again, her punny game shows in her caption. Even if you disagree, we think puns are genius!

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#3. The Recent Grad

A very happy Sarah Vendal is celebrating getting her Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of Southern California. She got her masters before appearing on The Bachelor.

#4. Can’t Help But Fall for Her

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f a l l so hard 🎃

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She’s had better puns, but she looks cute so we’ll let it go this time. If only someone could carve a smile like Vendal’s on that huge pumpkin!

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#5. Looking on the Bright Side

Teaching can be a tough job. Vendal gave a shout-out to her supportive father. We wonder how that kid feels knowing that his teacher on The Bachelor!

#6. She’s also an Athlete!

You have to hand it to Vendal! Here, she just completed a13.1 mile marathon and still had the energy to jump that high. She could be tough competition to the other women on The Bachelor’s “Nickathalon” group date in episode 3!

#7. Enjoying the View

One thing we learned from Vendal’s Instagram posts is that she loves brunch. Then again, who doesn’t? As long as we get to see adorable pictures like this one, we don’t mind what she does!

#8. All Dressed Up

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Sarah Vendal has definitely managed to look good while dressed up as a giraffe. We see a lot of party pictures with her friends, but this one shows that she’s literally a party animal!

#9. First Impressions

We wouldn’t expect any other caption from this quirky teacher. Sarah Vendal was one of few girls who opted not to wear red on premiere night, and she stood out even more with her sneakers. Her original outfit was loved by plenty of Bachelor fans.