The 1999 drama Cruel Intentions is getting a proper continuation (the direct-to-video sequels don’t count), as NBC has picked up the pilot for the story’s next chapter. So far, nearly everyone important is coming back, including director Roger Kumble. And as of today, another returning name can be added to the list: the film’s main antagonist, Kathryn Merteuil, will once again be played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Set 15 years after the first movie, the pilot has Kathryn attempting to gain control of Valmont International. The show will also follow her nephew, Bash Casey, who discovers a darker world than he knew after reading his late father, Sebastian’s (Ryan Philippe in the movie) journal.

But, of course, Sarah Michelle Gellar has been in a lot of TV shows and films between the original Cruel Intentions movie and this upcoming reboot. In no particular order, here are five of the more notable ones. Warning: some minor spoilers ahead!

ŸBuffy the Vampire Slayer: Well, duh! This is one of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s most infamous roles, with the actress playing the titular character starting in 1997—the show lasted 144 episodes over seven seasons. The role won her six Teen Choice Awards, a Golden Globe nomination and more. It also made her a household name. The series still retains a large cult following, like a lot of creator Joss Whedon’s properties, and has been a big influence on many other projects.


 I Know What You Did Last Summer: Her first major film role (and first of many horror movies she would appear in), Gellar played Helen, best friend of lead character Julie, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. While she doesn’t survive the movie, her performance was well received enough that it opened up other possibilities—much like the killer’s hook did to poor Helen’s body.

 All My Children: Gellar’s other major TV role was that of Kendall Hart on the popular soap opera All My Children. She was actually in college while appearing on the show, attending the Professional Children’s School, and had to complete the majority of her senior year via guided study, as appearing on the soap took up to much time to properly attend classes. Winning a Daytime Emmy Award for the role, she played Kendall from 1993 to 1995, with Alicia Minshew taking over after Gellar’s departure.

The Grudge: Another notable horror movie, this American remake of a Japanese film saw Sarah Michelle Gellar play exchange student Karen Davis, who investigates a curse that is causing the deaths of people in her life. She reprised the character in the sequel, though she is abruptly killed midway through the movie. Several women were suggested before Gellar, who was well received, won the role, including her Cruel Intentions co-star Selma Blair.

Robot Chicken: Gellar makes regular appearances on Seth Green’s stop-motion sketch comedy series, having appeared in 14 episodes. While a lot of her roles are just nameless generic characters there to set up or be a joke, she has also voiced a parody version of some of her past roles for the show, including Buffy Summers (of course) and Daphne Blake from the live-action Scooby-Doo movies. She’s also played famous characters she otherwise has nothing to do with, like the Terminator franchise’s Sarah Connor, and even an exaggerated version of herself.

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