Photo: ABC/Rick Rowell

Among the contestants in The Bachelor season 21 is a grade school teacher named Sarah Vendal. She is sweet and unassuming, and her actions (like wearing sneakers with a pink gown) have a charm of their own. Nick Viall will have a hard time resisting her likable personality.

One of the cutest contestants on The Bachelor is grade school teacher, Sarah Vendal. She has one of the best smiles on the show and is hoping to win Nick Viall’s heart with her charm. Viall seems to like her and fans are hoping that she gets her man by the season finale. People are interested in knowing about Sarah from The Bachelor‘s family. Find out how many sisters or brothers Sarah from The Bachelor has, and more about her family right here.

Doing Outrageous Things

Vendal teaches in a grade school in Newport, California. Prior to coming to California, Vendal lived alone in the big apple. Vendal says she lived in NYC with a small bag, and not much money, making the move the most outrageous thing she has ever done. Though, her appearance in The Bachelor also ranks high on that list.

Close To Parents

Unfortunately there is not much information about Sarah from The Bachelor‘s family and her siblings. However, it is very possible that Vendal might reveal more about her family as the show progresses. One thing we know for sure is that Vendal is very close to her mother and father. In fact, there are several photos of Vendal’s parents and family members on her Instagram account.

Happy and Social

Besides sharing photos of her family members on Instagram, Sarah Vendal has a lot of pictures with her friends. In each one, you see her beaming smile and you can tell that she is having a great time. It is clear that she is a happy, friendly, and social person. These are the qualities that Nick Viall is sure fall for as he spends more time with Vendal and gets to know her better.

She Loves Drama

Though Vendal strives to keep her life uncomplicated and happy, she loves watching drama on TV. Some of her favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and Sex and the City. She is a helpless romantic and says that the most romantic gift she has ever received is a star named after her. So Viall has got some thinking to do if he wants to impress Sarah Vendal.

Winning and Running

Vendal is a bit of a gambler, but only likes to play only when she is winning. There is a strong possibility that Vendal and Viall may get to go to a casino on a date, but we will just have to wait and see. All we know is that she has a “hit and run” strategy, where she walks away when she starts to win. We wonder if Viall has a similar strategy?

Tough To Say No

The best thing about Sarah Vendal is that she is sensible and thinks outside the box. She prefers white roses to red ones, and is not afraid to make a punny joke or two. As she spends more time with Viall, her sweet nature will shine through. We hope the two get the chance to go on a solo date soon!