Sam Smith may have earned his first Oscar last night, but the singer’s victory has been riddled with controversy. It all has to do with something Smith said when he took the stage to accept his award for the Best Original Song (for Spectre)—Smith recalled an article he saw by actor Ian McKellen, which stated that “no openly gay man had ever won an Oscar.” While that would’ve been a great feat for Sam Smith, it wasn’t true.

One person who especially took offence to the comment was screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who won an Oscar in 2009 for his movie Milk. Black, who’s currently engaged to professional diver Tom Daley, took to Twitter to express his frustration and call out Sam Smith, writing, “Hey @SamSmithWorld, if you have no idea who I am, it may be time to stop texting my fiancé. Here’s a start,” adding a link to his own acceptance speech from a few years ago.

Despite being publicly blasted by Black, Sam Smith seems to be taking the high road. The singer has just addressed the controversy on Twitter, clarifying what he really meant by his comments last night. “Second openly gay man to win an oscar or third or fourth or 100th, It wasn’t my point [sic],” wrote Smith, adding in a second tweet, “My point was to shine some light on the LGBT community who i love so dearly [sic].”


Smith then addressed Dustin Lance Black directly, tweeting, “Apologies for the mix up @DLanceBlack I’ll be sure to check out your films now x Belated Congrats on the Oscar x [sic].” Fans almost immediately began praising the singer for taking the road and even going to so far as to extend a hand of kindness to Black, despite being berated by him and his fans.

Photo: Instagram/samsmithworld

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