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The people of Colorado Springs weren’t expecting their favorite meteorologist, Sam Schreier, to leave KOAA News5. However, it’s true; he has left the news station for a new and different opportunity. Since the news broke, KOAA News5 viewers have been curious to know where Sam Schreier is going next and if he’s left the area, too. Read on to find out what the weather forecaster said about his departure from KOAA News5.

Sam Schreier Exits KOAA News5

Iowa native Sam Schreier lived on a farm and enjoyed the occasional strong storm that would pass through Iowa. He also actively engaged in high school speaking and performance activities. These two factors worked together to inspire him to pursue a career in meteorology.

Schreier earned a bachelor’s degree in meteorology at Iowa State University in 2013. His first job as a meteorologist was with Iowa’s ABC5 WOI-DT Des Moines, where he had previously worked as an intern with chief meteorologist Brad Edwards.

After three years as a morning meteorologist at ABC5/WOI-TV in Des Moines, Schreier joined KOAA News5 in Colorado Springs as the weekend evening meteorologist in 2016. He was transferred to the morning time slot a year later, and KOAA News5 viewers looked forward to his weather forecasts as they started their day.

Since his time with KOAA News5, Schreier covered the 2019 Bomb Cyclone and the 2018 Cheyenne Mountain Hail Storm.

Moreover, the meteorologist met his wife, Courtney, bought a house, and started a family in Colorado Springs. So, the city has a significant meaning for him, not only professionally but also personally.

But after seven years, the meteorologist has decided to part ways with the news station and the broadcasting industry. He wrapped up his last day on the air on April 26, 2023.

The weathercaster wants to spend more time with his family, but the stringent working hours of broadcasting don’t allow him to do so. Consequently, he exited the TV industry also.

Sam Schreier has left KOAA News5 for an opportunity with Colorado Springs Utilities as a water conservation specialist.

Schreier said, “For the past 8 years as a morning meteorologist, I’ve woken up around 2 AM weekly and my body simply can’t do it anymore. Because of my overnight schedule, I barely have any time to spend with my wife Courtney, and our corgi Pippa. I’m excited to have found a job that will give me more quality time with my family, and a full night’s sleep!”

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The good news is that Sam Schreier is sticking around Colorado Springs. So the city’s residents may bump into him from time to time.