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How rich is Ryan Shazier? It’s a horrible thing to think about in light of Shazier’s current injury, but in many ways, it’s also a very practical question. Given the current state of the United States health care system, as well as the length the current length of Shazier’s career, one may wonder about if he will be able to take care of himself and his family. We’re going to take a look at the career of Ryan Shazier and shed a little light on his stats and financials. We will cover everything from Ryan Shazier’s wife and kids to his career, contract, and Ryan Shazier’s net worth. This article may answer some of your questions about today’s professional athlete and what their fortunes can be like in a situation like this.

Ryan Shazier’s Basic Personal Bio

Ryan Dean Shazier was born on September 6, 1992. You may have noticed that Shazier has a very unique look due to his bald head and a lack of eyebrows. While some of that look is cosmetic from shaving his head, it is mainly due in part to Shazier suffering from a condition called alopecia. Alopecia is an auto-immune disorder that prevents the body from growing hair. The severity can be different from person to person as some sufferers may only get a small patch of baldness but others may experience it across their entire body. While the condition does not affect the body in terms of life-span or cause any other medical issues, it can be very detrimental to the self-esteem, especially as it usually beings to occur in childhood and adolescence. Shazier was often taunted at his high school football games by fellow students and parents but eventually, his skills on the football field gave him the confidence to ignore them.

Ryan Shazier is engaged to a woman named Michelle Rodriguez. Rodriguez has been a big supporter of Shazier, both as a football player and as a spokesperson for people who deal with alopecia. Shazier has a son, Ryan, from a previous relationship with a woman named Tonika Marie.

Shazier’s Football Career

Shazier was selected by the Pittsburg Steelers as a first-round draft pick (15th pick overall) in the 2014 draft, after playing some stellar football with Ohio State. Ryan Shazier’s contract was very impressive as it was a fully guaranteed four-year contract making Ryan Shazier’s salary a whopping $9.5 million over those four years, with an additional $5.23 million dollar signing bonus! Shazier has had a great run with the Steelers, including last season where Ryan Shazier’s record for 2016 with 87 combined tackles, 9 pass deflections, 3½ sacks, and 3 interceptions in 12 starts and 13 games. Ryan Shazier’s stats from 2014 to 2016 were good enough that the Steelers ended up picking up the fifth-year option on Shazier’s contract.




Ryan Shazier was looking to have a great game against the Cincinnati Bangles on Monday but that wasn’t the case. He was injured while going in for a tackle on Bangles wide receiver Josh Malone within the first 4 minutes of the game. Shazier went down and did not get back up. He had to be stretchered off the field and then transported to a nearby hospital. While Shazier is apparently improving, the true extent of his condition and injury are still unknown and fans are growing concerned. However, Steelers representatives have said that it will not require surgery at this time.

Ryan Shazier’s Wealth

It’s horrible to think about but when an injury like this occurs, you may be curious about how much money the player has in the bank. A spine injury, even if it’s a temporary one, may hamper a career and the future earnings that potential career may have. And we’ve all heard stories about athletes spending money as if their career would go on forever. In this case, we can not find an actual number for Shazier’s net worth but we can find other amounts that have contributed.

While we don’t know the ins and outs of Shazier’s finances, it appears he isn’t spending frivolously. Ryan Shazier’s house was his first major purchase and was bought outside of Pittsburg for a reported $2.6 million. Shazier’s initial contract was for $9.5 million and then $5.23 in a signing bonus. Shazier’s recent contract extension was apparently a fully guaranteed $8.7 million. The important thing to note is that this is guaranteed including during injury! With good financial management, Shazier and his family could be in good shape for years to come, even if he’s sidelined.

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