Black Ink Crew Star, Ryan Henry. Credits:Youtube

About Ryan Henry
Age38 Years
BirthMay 27, 1986
SiblingsNova Henry, Jillian Nicole Henry
ParentsYolan Henry-Corner
AddressChicago, Illinois
AlumniThornwood High School
GirlfriendRachel Leigh
Instagram Profileryanhenrytattoo

VH1’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago showcases Ryan Henry and the tattoo artists working in Chicago’s 9Mag, his tattoo shop. Currently in its fourth season, the show only seems to be getting better. But who is this famously talented tattoo artist? Find out everything you need to know about him with details from Ryan Henry’s wiki.

When Is Ryan Henry’s Birthday?

Ryan Henry was born on May 27, 1986. The U.S. born currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.

According to sources, Henry is part-Japanese, and he attended Thornwood High School.

9Mag Tattoo Shop

Ryan Henry opened a tattoo shop called 9Mag, in 2013

Ryan Henry opened a tattoo shop called 9Mag, in 2013. Credits:Instagram/Ryan Henry

In 2013, Ryan Henry opened a tattoo shop called 9Mag. He started tattooing people in 2009 and was recognized by a big name in the tattoo industry, Miya Bailey.

In 2011, she chose to become his mentor and expose him to the history of black tattoo culture. Henry met with some of the best names in tattoos and has since excelled.

He had the opportunity to star in the tattoo documentary, Color Outside the Lines, which opened up his options and expanded his reach.

Rap queen Nicki Minaj recently appeared on Black Ink Crew: Chicago. She wanted Henry to make a tattoo on her wrist, and she also gave him advice on 9Mag.

Henry revealed that he left 9Mag and is planning to start a new tattoo shop. He explained that 9Mag became hectic for him and there was no love and friendship left in the shop.

Ryan Henry’s Mom

Ryan Henry with his mother

Ryan Henry with his mother. Credits:Instagram/ryanhenrytattoo

Henry was born to Yolan Henry-Corner. She lives in The Villages, Florida and has worked at Chicago Survivors.

According to her Facebook page, she is a widow, which means Henry’s father passed away.

Henry has two sisters, Nova and Jillian Nicole Henry.

Nova Henry was the ex-girlfriend of former Chicago Bulls player, Eddy Curry. The two had two children named Noah and Ava Curry.

Nova Henry then began dating Frederick Goings, an attorney from Chicago, who helped with her child support settlement battle with Curry. However, after charging $24,000 in legal fees, she hired a new lawyer.

An enraged Goings shot Nova Henry and 10-month-old Ava Curry at the bottom of the stairs in her South Loop home in 2009. Noah Curry was unharmed but witnessed the murders, naming Goings as the killer.

In 2013, Yolan Henry got married to Reggie C. Corner. He lives in Chicago and currently works at HouseNation.

According to his Facebook page, the couple have been married for a year.

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Ryan Henry’s Son and Girlfriend

Ryan Henry’s Girlfriend, Rachel Leigh

Ryan Henry’s Girlfriend, Rachel Leigh. Credits:Instagram/ryanhenrytattoo

Rachel Leigh is the tattoo artist’s baby mama and girlfriend for over a decade now. Ryan Henry and Rachel Leigh have a son together named Mason.

Leigh is a businesswoman who founded the luxury nail polish company, Pear Nova, in 2012. She has a degree from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago and gets her inspiration from high-end designers and luxury fashion.

Ryan Henry on Black Ink Crew: Chicago

There were rumors that Charmaine Johnise walked in on Kat Jackson and Ryan Henry in the bathroom. She also found out that Henry and Jackson had a past together and she started telling everybody that she saw them together in the bathroom.

However, Henry decided to put an end to the rumors. He did say that he cheated on Leigh in the past, but when it came to being in the loo with Jackson, he denied the rumors.

Ryan Henry did say that while he didn’t sleep with Kat Jackson, they had an emotional affair, which was disrespectful to his relationship with Rachel Leigh.

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