Photo: Facebook/RyanGoslingOfficialPage

Ryan Gosling’s The New Guys is due to hit theaters next month and the film costars Oscar-winner Russell Crowe. The pair plays a mismatched pair who must put their differences aside to solve a crime and grapple with discovering a criminal conspiracy. The buddy comedy is set in 1970s Los Angeles and it seems that the pair was just as mismatched in real life as well. In a new comedy skit to promote the movie, Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe have some therapy sessions to deal with their issues before kicking off the PR for the movie.

The comedy sketch sees the two actors seeing a therapist (played by The Big bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch) as they spend a week (unsuccessfully) dealing with their issues with each other. It likely gives us a good idea of the hilarity we can expect from the film itself since the pair has such great comedic chemistry in the skit!

The Nice Guys hits theatres on May 20, 2016. But before you go running to get tickets, check out the comedy skit below!