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Russell Wilson is one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL, but what is Russell Wilson’s Net Worth? If you are curious about the finances of one the NFL’s best players, keep reading the article below!

Playing professional sports is a decent paying gig. Think about it, you get paid (usually rather well) to play a sport that you love to play anyway! Getting paid to do anything that you love is pretty awesome, but getting paid that well to do something you love is simply amazing! This brings us to Russell Wilson. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback made headlines in sports media with his Christmas gift extravaganza for his teammates. He gave his entire offensive line brand new 55 inch, curved big screen Samsung televisions (to be fair, those guys are protecting him every game, so gifts are definitely appropriate) and on top of that, Wilson got the entire Seattle Seahawks organization (coaches, equipment guys, and all) two first class tickets to anywhere on Alaska Airlines! That’s one hell of a Christmas gift! But how can he afford it? How much money does he have? What does Wilson drive? What’s Russell Wilson’s ethnicity? How much does Russell Wilson make? We’ve put together this small guide to Russell Wilson’s net worth to answer all those questions and more! We’ll take a look at Russell Wilson’s salary, his investments and his personal life in an attempt to find out how much he’s really worth.

Russell Wilson’s first Contract was Over $2 Million!

Russell Wilson was a third-round draft pick for the Seattle Seahawks in 2012. For a rookie, he did incredibly well. His initial contract was a $2.99 million four-year deal, and we think it’s safe to say the Seahawks got their money’s worth. Wilson would lead his team to the postseason in his rookie year and while the Seahawks did not win that year, he earned approximately $220,000.00 in postseason bonuses handed out by the NFL.

The next two seasons had Wilson lead his team to back to back Super Bowls, winning in the 2013 season (and earning himself another $169,000.00 in bonuses) but failing to defend the title in 2014. The entire time, Wilson was starting to get closer to various Seattle Seahawk records and Russell Wilson’s career stats improved. Russell Wilson had proven that he was worth a lot of money, but as to how much, that was left up in the air until 2015.

He Signed a Four-Year Extended Contract and His Salary Skyrocketed!

In July of 2015, Wilson signed a contract extension with the Seattle Seahawks and it was one heck of a pay bump! Russell Wilson’s contract was set up for four more years and was worth $87.6 million, with a $31 million signing bonus and a guaranteed $60 million dollars! The deal made Wilson the fourth-highest paid quarterback in the league. Keep in mind, this was just for playing football and it didn’t include league bonuses if he played well. Nor does that number include endorsements and investments. Wild!

The Business of Being a Pro Athlete

Playing well and signing a big paycheck tends to be only the half of it for superstar athletes like Wilson. A lot of athletes make very good paychecks from endorsement deals and Russell Wilson’s endorsements do very well, indeed. Throughout his career, Russell Wilson has been endorsed by Braun, Alaska Airlines (we wonder if he got a price break on those tickets or did they just take it out of his salary), Wilson and Nike (whom he signed with in 2016). Altogether, Wilson’s endorsements came in at about $10 million a year.

Personal Life: Wedding Bells, a Happy Home, & a Baby on the Way!

Russell Wilson has been married twice. He was married to his first wife, Ashton Meem from 2010 to 2014. They had been high school sweethearts but their marriage did not last long. They divorced amid unsubstantiated rumors of cheating. Other than the rumors, the divorce was a rather quiet affair for a public sports figure.

Now, Russell Wilson’s wife is R&B singer, Ciara. Their wedding was an extravagant but classic affair. The couple bought a mansion in the Bellevue area of Washington. Russell Wilson’s house includes a theater room and a wine cellar and it was purchased for $6.7 million. It also happens to be in the same neighborhood where Wilson’s sister is going to high school. In October of 2016, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child together! Russell Wilson’s baby is expected to arrive by Spring 2017, though no exact due date has been announced. (Ciara also has one son from a previous relationship).

While Wilson may spend a fair amount of money on his wife and teammates, he still manages to keep his life fairly private and low key. Take his car for instance. Russell Wilson’s car is a Mercedes-Benz G63 and while it’s a fairly modest vehicle for someone with that kind of coin in his piggy bank, he hasn’t gone out and bought a Lamborghini like some of his peers might have done. There’s even a chance he may have gotten a deal on it since he was a spokesperson for a Mercedes dealership in the Seattle area! And to be fair, it’s a perfect luxury vehicle for the Seattle area and its climate. Keeping with his low-key approach to fame, fans discovered the make and model of his car through pictures he had posted on his Russell Wilson Instagram account.

On his off days, Wilson does dedicate time and money to some charities, including Seattle Children’s Hospital. Every year, he co-hosts a golf tournament with NASCAR’s Kasey Kahne to support various charities in the Seattle area, including the Boys and Girls Club and the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The finances

So, in the end, what does this all mean? What is Russell Wilson worth? Here’s the details in black and white.

First Contract (4 years) $2.99 million
Contract Extension (4 years) $87.6 million
Endorsements $10 million per year
Russell Wilson and Ciara

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According to Forbes, Russell Wilson’s net worth is a grand total of $42 million for 2016.

Now, for those of you who are worried about his spending, just remember a few things. Even though he bought his entire team a pair of airline tickets, he’s endorsed by Alaska Airlines which we’d like to think means he got a price break. That many tickets for one of their athletes, one would hope the airline gave him a deal! And while he probably lives a more extravagant lifestyle than most of us, he appears to live fairly modestly compared to some of his peers. If you look at photos on his Instagram, he’s never covered in gold chains or bragging about his latest car. Hopefully, he continues this lifestyle and has a fair-sized fortune for when he retires. You can’t play football forever, and when your body says no more, you better hope you’ve got a sweet retirement fund to settle down with. Russell Wilson certainly does!

How rich is Russell Wilson

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