Comedian Russell Brand, otherwise known as Katy Perry’s ex-husband, is rumored to have found himself a new lady—and she’s even younger than 28-year-old Perry. Brand, who just turned 38, has been spotted on several occasions with 23-year-old Alessandra Balazs, the daughter of multi-millionaire hotel owner Andre Balazs. Sources say the couple has been secretly dating for a few months now, and they’ve already taken a few trips together.

While you might expect Mr. Balazs to be concerned about his young daughter dating an older man, he can’t really be one to pass judgment—at 56, he’s dating 38-year-old comedian Chelsea Handler. That means if Brand ends up marrying the young heiress, and Mr. Balazs and Handler wind up at the alter, Brand will be the same age as his mother-in-law.

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