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Former MLB player, Roy Halladay died in a tragic plane crash. He spent most of his post-MLB life flying that plane. Since his sudden passing, a video surfaced where Roy Halladay spoke of his wife’s displeasure about his flying.

The world of baseball mourns the tragic passing of former Toronto Blue Jays ‘Roy Halladay. The retired MLB player died on November 7 when the amphibious aircraft he was flying crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. Halladay, whose father was a pilot, previously shared his excitement about acquiring the plane. Recently, an old video surfaced where Roy Halladay’s wife, Brandy Halladay is not happy about him piloting the plane. Here’s what you need to know about the deceased pitcher’s wife in Brandy Halladay’s wiki.

A Love Story for the Books

Born Brandy Lyn Gates, the former WAG was a resident of Arvada, Colorado, the same suburb where Denver-born Halladay was raised. They went to the same church with their parents and met when they were children.

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They lost touch in high school when the Gates family moved out of Colorado. But they moved back in 1996 and Brandy and Roy reconnected. They began dating this time and two years later, tied the knot.


They moved to Florida after their wedding, and later to Toronto, Canada when Halladay was signed by the Toronto Blue Jays. They have two sons. Their eldest, 16-year-old Braden, follows his father’s footsteps and is a pitcher while their youngest son, Ryan is about 13.

Roy Halladay

Photo: Drew Hallowell / Stringer /Getty Images

Behind Her Man’s Success

In 1995, Halladay was drafted by the Blue Jays straight out of high school. But his professional start wasn’t as successful as he expected. After recording the worst stats in the franchise’s history, then 23-year-old Halladay was demoted to Class A ball.

He couldn’t handle seeing his career on the verge of decline. They weren’t sure if they had enough savings for Roy to quit baseball and return to school while raising their six-month-old son. Knowing her husband couldn’t live without baseball,  Brandy looked for one last push to keep him in the game.

She bought books such as The Mental ABC’s of Pitching by H.A. Dorfman, and encouraged her husband to maintain two journals —a personal repository of feelings, and a professional journal to track his goals.


Brandy’s gesture was enough to pull him out of his slump and get back to the game and how! After a breakout season, he signed lucrative contracts with the Blue Jays and the Philadelphia Phillies, and became one of six pitchers in baseball history to win the Cy Young Award.



She Loves Animals

Brandy Halladay hasn’t been active on Twitter or Instagram for more than a year. So there’s very little known about her personal life. That being said, we do know she loves animals, and has a particular soft spot for horses.

Growing up in Oregon, she began riding horses at a young age. “My parents were students at Oregon State and we lived on campus until I was almost six. I would often go to class with my parents, but loved going to my mom’s equitation class.” At her mother’s class, she would ride a horse named Cricket with her instructor as she taught the class.

Dreaming of owning her own horse one day, Brandy saved up money for a “horse fund.” Finally, she got her own horse when she was 12. But moving around with her family meant she couldn’t keep a horse and didn’t have a formal riding lesson.


It wasn’t until after they married that Roy surprised her with a saddle and told her to pick out a horse. She finally found her horse, Supreme Detail, with whom she won amateur championships.

She owned many horses in her lifetime and took riding classes to keep her passion alive. She’s also active with the Rescue a Dog organization which saves dogs from euthanasia.

She Didn’t Want Halladay to Fly the Plane

The 40-year-old pitcher loved sharing pictures of his ICON A5 amphibious aircraft on Twitter, and spoke about his love for flying. He dreamed of flying for a long time but only found the time to acquire his pilot license after retiring from the league in 2013. A month before his death, he purchased the ICON A5.

The aircraft company created a promotional video when he purchased the plane. The YouTube video has been removed since news of Halladay’s death, but it has already gone viral.

In the video, Roy and Brandy’s exchange was filmed, and his wife didn’t share his enthusiasm about flying.

“I didn’t grow up with airplanes,” Brandy remarked. “Or a comfort level like he did in small airplanes.”

“She’s fought me the whole way,” Roy said to which Brandy added, “Hard. I fought hard,” adding, “I was very against it.”

But ultimately, Brandy gave in after Roy took her on a ride,I get it, I get it,” she said. “This is amazing … Now that we’re going to have one I’m really excited.”

The details of Halladay’s fatal plane crash haven’t been disclosed. A full investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board is pending. You can check out the video of Roy and Brandy Halladay’s below:

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