Rosario Dawson reportedly found her 26-year-old cousin, Vanez Ines Vasquez, dead in her Venice home on May 11, 2017. The cause of death has not yet been determined.

Vanez Ines Vasquez was found dead in her cousin’s home late last week. Who was Vanez Ines Vasquez? She was actress Rosario Dawson’s cousin, who died at the young age of 26. According to law enforcement, Dawson walked downstairs into her Venice home last Thursday (May 11) and found Vasquez lying unresponsive. Paramedics rushed to the scene and transported Vasquez to a hospital, but ultimately failed to resuscitate her. Vasquez, who worked for Dawson, had recently suffered from migraines and hypertension. It is too early to determine Vanez Ines Vasquez’ cause of death, though early reports suggest natural causes.

No History of Drugs

Toxicology reports are still pending, but according to sources, Vasquez had no history of substance abuse, so drugs may be ruled out. As the spotlight was not on her, there are not many Vanez Ines Vasquez’s pics online. There is also practically no information on Vanez Ines Vasquez’s wiki. Nonetheless, support and condolences have been filling Vasquez’s Twitter account. RIP Vanez Ines Vasquez.