(L to R) Mike Lamond, Rosanna Pansino and Josh Sussman Credits: (L to R) Angela Weiss, Jesse Grant, John Sciulli/Getty Images

She’s beautiful, famous, loves to cook, and makes millions of dollars, so it’s no wonder that people are curious about Rosanna Pansino’s dating history. Recently photographed as a mermaid for her social media channels, this four-foot-10 cutie has been turning heads! So, is Rosanna Pansino single?

Rosanna Pansino Dating TImeline

Rosanna Pansino Dating Timeline Credits: Jesse Grant, Angela Weiss, John Sciulli/Getty Images

Rosanna Pansino launched her channel in 2011 and started making YouTube video blogs about random nerdy things like zombie apocalypse training, Halloween costumes, and nerd cakes. When viewers noticed her Nerdy Nummies show, her channel skyrocketed.

Millions of people began watching her videos. And the more she made, the more views and likes she received.

It seemed to take a while before Pansino found her niche, but once she did, everything took off. Now, she’s considered a YouTube celebrity and makes millions off her sponsorship with the platform.

She’s branded herself as a baker. But she also came out her own product line, which is available at Amazon, Target, Walmart, Party City, and other wholesale stores!

Rosanna Pansino’s fame has earned her 9.9 million subscribers, over 2.4 billion views. And now, fans are aching to know if the host’s romantic life is as sweet at her recipes.

So, who is Rosanna Pansino dating now? Who were Rosanna Pansino’s boyfriends in the past?

We’ve searched the web to find some juicy details about Rosanna Pansino’s romantic life. So, check out Rosanna Pansino’s boyfriend list below!

Rosanna Pansino’s Boyfriends

  • Mike Lamond (2014 – 2016)
  • Josh Sussman (2015; rumored)

Rosanna Pansino is currently single.

The YouTube celebrity may have millions of eyes on her, but she can certainly keep her personal life private. Aside from two known relationships, Pansino has either been too busy working on her career to date or kept things under wraps.

Mike Lamond, Boyfriend

Timeline: 2014 – 2016

Opening Night Of "West Side Story" At The Pantages Theatre - Red Carpet

HOLLYWOOD, CA – DECEMBER 01: Actors Mike Lamond and Rosanna Pansino attend the opening night of ‘West Side Story’ at the Pantages Theatre on December 1, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for the Pantages Theatre)

In 2014, fans spotted sweet tweets between Pansino and Nerdy Nummies manager, director, and producer Mike Lamond.

“I love living in the Nerdy Nummies house…. @RosannaPansino,” he wrote on June 28, 2014.

Lamond is also a commentator, eSports fanatic, and an amateur gamer. He was featured in one of Pansino’s YouTube videos in December 2015.

The pair has quite the history working on projects together. Perhaps this was the reason why fans thought they were a couple.

In September 2016, Pansino shared a tweet saying, “I have a boyfriend,” with a kissing emoji.

Fans quickly typed their guesses as to who they thought her boyfriend was.

“Guys, I’m pretty sure her bf is @HuskyStarcraft [Lamond],” said a fan.

Another Twitter user said, “But wouldn’t that be awkward? Having her producer -her boss, pretty much- be her boyfriend?”

Fans commented, begging her to reveal who her boyfriend was, but she never responded.

The main detail that confirmed the rumors was when Lamond and Pansino purchased a newly-built $3,825,000 two-story house in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Tarzana, Los Angeles in August 2016.

As excited as her fans were to hear about her progressing romance, nothing more has been said about her relationship since then. Or at least, she’s done a great job at keeping her personal life private.

Josh Sussman, Rumored Boyfriend

Timeline: 2015

Opening Night Of "STOMP" Returning To The Pantages Theatre

HOLLYWOOD – JANUARY 26: Actors Rosanna Pansino and Josh Sussman attend the opening night of ‘STOMP’ at the Pantages Theatre on January 26, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Pantages Theatre)

A year before her Twitter boyfriend announcement, it was discovered that Pansino was seen with actor Josh Sussman. He is well known for his roles in Wizards of Waverly Place and Glee.

Unfortunately for hopeful fans, their relationship, rumored or true, did not last long.

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