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Famous English comedian and actor Ronnie Corbett has passed away in the morning hours of Thursday, March 31. It’s genuinely sad news to hear of Ronnie Corbett’s death at the age of 85 as the comical entertainer was an inspiration to thousands of comedians. And, if you want to know his legacy, you must check out Ronnie Corbett’s Sorry!, a comical television series that aired in the ’80s.

It has been reported that Ronnie Corbett died at the age of 85 in his hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland. Ronnie was surrounded by his wife and two daughters, and it’s known that the late comedian was suffering from gall bladder problems for the past two years. Members of Corbett’s British acting cohort mourned Ronnie’s death by sharing heartfelt tribute messages on Twitter.

Ronnie Corbett’s death has made people realize the loss of such a great entertainer. The 85-year-old Ronnie Corbett leaves behind a legacy of some of the best original scripts of TV comedy. Now, before we get to know of some of his best works, let’s find out about Ronnie’s life before fame.

Born Ronald Balfour Corbett, Ronnie hails from Edinburgh, Scotland. Growing up, Ronnie finished his schooling only to drop out of further education in order to pursue a career in acting. After starring in musicals and bringing up funny stage performances for London theater, Ronnie shot to fame by appearing with veteran comedian John Cleese in the British sketch comedy Class sketch.

Ronnie had appeared on several British television shows throughout his six-decade-long acting career. He is best-known for playing funny characters and his best works are all comedies. Ronnie Corbett joined his The Frost Report co-star Ronnie Barker, and together they made one of the best comedy television series called The Two Ronnies. The show had a successful run across Europe and was one of the favorite television program during early 1980s.

While talking about Ronnie Corbett’s best comedies, we just can’t miss him in Sorry!, the hilarious British comedy series that truly defines Ronnie’s legacy. So, let’s find out about Ronnie’s Corbett’s Sorry!, shall we?

3 Facts About Ronnie Corbett’s Famous TV Show Sorry!

Sorry! On BBC1

Sorry! was a television sitcom series starring Ronnie Corbett and it was produced by BBC studios and telecast on its BBC1 network. The series had a running time of 30 minutes and went on to bring forth seven successful seasons from 1981 to 1988.

Ronnie Corbett as Tim

In Sorry!, Ronnie Corbett played the lead character of Timothy “Tim” Lumsden, a 40-something goofy fellow around whom the show’s plot revolved. Ronnie perfectly pulled off the wittiness as well as the sarcastic nature of Tim, a librarian who’s still living with his parents, despite being a middle-aged man.

The Sorry! Theme Song

The show’s theme music was quite a catchy tune composed by Hugh Wisdom and Gaynor Colbourn, who also arranged the composition. The theme is also well known for being conducted by the another Ronnie, Ronnie Hazlehurst. Hazlehurst is one of the acclaimed English composer and conductor for BBC network.