One of the most highly anticipated fights in UFC this year is Ronda Rousey (the undefeated women’s bantamweight champion) against Holly Holm, also undefeated. In fact, it’s already being anticipated that ticket sales for the November 14 fight in Melbourne could very well reach a record high crowd, with 70,000 spectators expected.

The fight may be a month-and-a-half away, but Rousey has already started training, based on a recent Instagram post. Rousey shared a photo of herself at the gym for what looks like the start of a workout. The caption reads, “New fight… New challenger… First days of training camp… Lets do this [sic].”

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The Instagram post has been liked over 202,000 times since it went up and on Twitter, it’s been retweeted almost 600 times. If the comments on Instagram and Twitter are any indication, Rousey has a massive army of fans behind her for this fight.

While Rousey’s social media has been flooded with posts about the upcoming match, Holly Holm’s Instagram and Twitter pages hardly make any mention of it. However, she did admit in a recent interview with Inside MMA that she fears everything about Rousey, because of how well-rounded her technique is.

That being said, Holm thinks she stands a legitimate chance at winning. “Is it going to be hard as heck? Absolutely. It’s going to be the hardest fight of my career,” said Holm, but added, “But I’m going in there to win and it’s very possible.”

But Rousey is up for the challenge, because in her mind, she’ll have no problem keeping her championship title. “I still have more to prove, and Holly is one more person that I’m going to prove myself against,” Rousey declared at a promo event last month.


If you’re interested in watching the Rousey-Holm fight live, you can find the link for purchasing tickets in Rousey’s Instagram bio.

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