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Ron White, who is also known as “Tater Salad,” is busy juggling his personal life while on tour. Who is Ron White? Keep reading for everything you need to know about the stand-up comedian.

Who is Ron White?

Ronald Dee White was born on December 18, 1956, in Fritch, Texas to Barbara Joan Craig and Charles Don White. At the age of 17, he joined the United States Navy and served on the auxiliary rescue. He also served on the USS Conserver salvage ship at the end of the Vietnam War. At a very young age, White made the decision to become a comedian. Since his childhood, he has been a storyteller, but struggled to earn success and fame.

At one point in his life, White sold windows in Arlington to earn a living. For a while, he lived in Mexico where he purchased a pottery factory. He still wanted to be a stand-up comedian, so he decided to return to the U.S. For almost two decades, White struggled while trying his luck in comedy clubs and paying his dues.

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Ron White’s Career as a Comedian

From 2000 to 2003, White went on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour with Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, and Bill Engvall. The show sold out in almost 90 cities and generated over $15.0 million. He also made guest appearances on Blue Collar TV. Besides this, White has appeared in several TV shows such as Reno 911!, Kath & Kim, and 12 Miles of Bad Road. He also had guest spots in Sex and the City 2 and Horrible Bosses.

If you know of the comedian’s work, then you must have noticed that White is always seen with a glass of scotch and a cigar. On his You Can’t Fix Stupid show, White said, “Somebody asked what I was drinking. If the company that made the stuff I was drinking was paying me, I’d have it in their bottle and not mine. But it’s the kind of scotch that people drink that are going to die penniless. It’s good though!” Throughout his career, White has released six comedy albums. His 2013 album,  A Little Unprofessional, was nominated for the Best Comedy Album Grammy.

Ron White’s net worth is estimated to be a whooping $30.0 million.

Ron White’s Quotes

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As with all good comedians, White is known for his quips. Take a look at some of his quotes to see why fans flock to his shows!

”I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade… And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.”

“The way my brain processes information is quite odd. I mean, I have Attention Deficit Disorder and another learning disability I can’t even spell. I don’t even have a high school diploma. I’m smart, but you can’t prove it on paper.”

“There are two kinds of comics; there are the ones who build bridges, and then there are the people who walk across the bridges as though they built them. The bridge builders are few and far between.”

“I’ve never been one to look up the ladder. I’ve always looked down the ladder. As long as there’s one guy down there, I’m fine.”

“I don’t have a specific plan except for as long as people want to listen to me talk, I’m going to keep talking. I can’t imagine a life without doing standup.”

Ron White’s Wives and Divorce

In 1981, White got married to Lori Brice, whom he later divorced in 1992. The couple has one son together named Marshall. White’s second marriage was to Barbara Dobbs in 2004. Again, the marriage did not work out and the pair parted ways in 2008.

In 2013, White walked down the aisle a third time with singer-songwriter Margo Rey, who is also a cancer survivor. During their marriage, Rey described White as “the best husband in the world.” Unfortunately for White, marriage does not seem to work. According to TMZ, Rey filed for divorce last month, stating they have been separated since May 8. They have no children together. The couple reportedly had a common law marriage in 2008 in Texas, before officially getting married in 2013.

Rey reportedly wants spousal support, but White has added another twist to their story. He claims that Rey is not really his wife, as he maintains the two had a ceremony, but never had a marriage licence. TMZ also states that White denies that the two lived as husband and wife, refuting claims that they were representing themselves as a married couple to others.

Ron White’s Tour

Ron White’s stand-up tour will start on July 21 and end in December. You can visit his website to know where he will be performing, and to buy tickets. You can also check out his routines on YouTube.