British songwriter and serial cradle robber Rod Stewart is famous for his chops and having a bevy of young blondes at his side.

With a distinctive raspy voice, Rod Stewart has released over 50 records as a solo artist. Throughout his illustrious 40-plus-year solo career, Rod Stewart has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time.

Next to music, Rod Stewart is known for his love of leggy blondes. In 1979, a then 34-year-old Rod Stewart married his first wife, California native Alana Collins. Both the same age, they divorced five years later.


In 1990, 45-year-old Stewart walked down the aisle the second time, marrying 21-year-old Rachel Hunter in a lavish affair. In 1999, she walked out saying she needed to find herself. Stewart opined that the 24-year age gap meant she had been too young for him.

However, a 26-year difference is evidently manageable. In 2007, Rod Stewart waltzed down the aisle with British model Penny Lancaster. At 26 years his junior, the couple have two children and live in Epping, England.

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