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When Robin Wright started out on the NBC daytime soap opera, Santa Barbara everybody predicted that it was a dead end career move. However, she not only did a great job on the otherwise mediocre serial, but she proved all her critics wrong. She went on to have not only a blooming film career, but returned to the TV screen as a top notch star. Check out Robin Wright’s wiki page on the net. Since she has had such a successful career in both films and TV, people are curious about Robin Wright’s net worth. It is a fantastic $60.0 million!

Move to Hollywood

Wright was born in Dallas, Texas to Gayle and Freddie Wright. Her mother Gayle was a cosmetics saleswoman and her father, Freddie was a pharmaceutical company employee. She was born on April 8, 1966 making Robin Wright’s age exactly 50. Wright started her career as a model before taking on a leading role in the TV serial, Santa Barbara. She received several daytime Emmy nominations for her performances. In 1987 she made the move to Hollywood, where she acted in the fantasy adventure film, The Princess Bride. Then, she took on the pivotal role in the multi-Oscar award winning drama epic, Forrest Gump. She has subsequently acted in movies like Message in a Bottle, Unbreakable, The Conspirator, Money Ball, Breaking and Entering and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Her Acting Gets Acclaim

Not many people know this but Wright was married to actor, Dane Witherspoon from 1986 to 1988. She had met him on the set of Santa Barbara. Much later in 1996, she married actor Sean Penn. She then proceeded to act in three highly acclaimed films, namely Moll Flanders, She’s So Lovely and Empire Falls. She received several award nominations for her fantastic work in all three of these movies. Then, in 2013 she started work on a TV show that would prove to be a watershed event in her acting career.

Playing her Cards Right

Since 2013, Wright has portrayed the role of Claire Underwood, the equally ruthless wife of political mastermind, Frank Underwood in the Netflix series, House of Cards. In 2014, she won a Golden Globe award for best actress drama for her role in House of Cards. That made her the first actress to win this award for an online-only web TV series. In fact, she has won the Golden Globe nominations for the same role in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 consecutively. After receiving so many awards and noms for her role as Claire Underwood, it was clear that her role was equal to, if not more important, than her counterpart, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). In 2016, she struck a winning blow on behalf of gender equality when she demanded equal pay. Netflix had to agree and to pay her accordingly.

Bitter Parting

Meanwhile, all has not been good on her personal front. She filed for divorce from Sean Penn several times, only to reconcile with him later. She filed for divorce again in 2009, and this time the divorce was granted by the court in July 2010. Though she dated actor Ben Foster for a while, she is currently single. Her film career is looking up, especially with her appearing in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie in 2017. She will also appear in the much awaited sequel to the sci-fi classic, Blade Runner, which is also to be released in 2017.

Things Look Right for Wright

2016 has been a wonderful year for Wright, so far. Not only has she acted in House of Cards, she has also directed and produced several episodes. Considering the amazing quality of the episodes, it won’t be surprising if Wright gets more directing and producing offers in Hollywood in the future. In 2016, Wright has also done work towards attaining peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She has partnered with several California-based companies, one being “The SunnyLion,” which donates a portion of it’s profits to the “Raise Hope for Congo” movement.

With her career going so great and her involvement in human rights issues, Wright is entering into a new phase of life, and she is determined to make it work.