While every parent wants their children to pursue their own passions in life, there’s no doubt many would like it if their child followed in their own footsteps. Well, musical megastar Robin Thicke can count himself lucky, because his son looks to be doing exactly that!

The singer/songwriter took to Instagram to share his joy with the world regarding his son, Julian Fuego Thicke, who was born in 2010 to the star and his now-ex-wife, Paula Patton. The video shows young Julian sitting at his dad’s piano, which even has their surname on it, playing a few keys. And wouldn’t you know it; the little boy is actually quite amazing at it, especially for his age!

The caption reads, “And so it begins…” and Julian’s famous dad isn’t kidding; if he starts working on his talent now, the young boy could be even more famous than his dad by the time he reaches the same age. Robin Thicke must be feeling all sorts of proud!


And so it begins…

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Over 5,000 fans enjoyed young Julian’s playing and were quick to share how cute they thought the boy was with his father, Robin Thicke. Positive comments included, “Cute! He’ll be the next great singer of the family,” “Now that’s awesome! Start them young at their own pace! Good Luck!” and, “As long as he loves it as much as you do … if not he’ll find his right fit!”

As for Robin Thicke himself, he’s hard at work on his eighth studio album, Morning Sun. Two singles were released in 2015, including the one the album shares its name with, and so far it sounds like an album worth buying! But if you need your Robin Thicke fix right now, he just released a single with Nicki Minaj titled “Back Together” that you can give a listen to. Or you can always wait for another mini-recital from his son on social media.


Video: Instagram/robinthicke

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