Should celebrities’ opinions on politics matters? Some would say yes, because they can hold at least a small degree of influence on public opinion, while others would point out that many of them lack the knowledge necessary to make an educated opinion. But now, Rob Lowe may have found an acceptable middle ground: making comments on political matters that have nothing to do with politics!

The star of The Grinder was, like many other Americans last night, watching the Republican debate and took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the candidates’ attempts to improve their standings with the public and fellow party members. However, unlike many others tweeting about the debate and what was being said, Lowe had nothing to say about the candidates or their platforms; he just wanted someone to stop coughing!

“Has no one at #CNN production heard of a cough button? Good Lord! It sounds like someone’s dying up there,” Rob Lowe wrote, apparently unable to look (hear?) past the noise to pay any real attention to what the likes of Donald Trump had to say. He later added that the sniffling heard was also annoying and “sounds like it’s Tony Montana’s bathroom in 1983,” referencing the classic film Scarface. When a fan suggested the cough was coming from candidate Dr. Ben Carson, Lowe noted, “If it is, you’d think he’d take lozenge. Man’s an MD!!” Other people came to the same conclusion, forcing Carson’s camp to comment. They admitted the campaign team all caught something about a month prior to the debate and that Dr. Carson “keeps a nagging cough for weeks.”


It turns out that Lowe wasn’t the only person who tweeted about the constant coughing. For instance, columnist Todd Starnes tweeted, “I hope no one is using ‘cough’ as a GOP Debate Drinking Party word. #GOPDebate [sic],” and ABC News Radio host Brad Mielke posted, “If a candidate has a cough and it’s not their turn to speak, TURN OFF THEIR MIC FOR A HOT SECOND.”


Rob Lowe’s Twitter followers also apparently appreciated his unique debate coverage, with his three posts combined receiving almost 650 retweets and 2,000 likes. Who knows, maybe after The Grinder has its eventual series finale, he’ll be in line for a correspondent job at CNN!

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