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Rob Kardashian’s diabetes is reportedly under control, but anything that helps reduce the risk of its effects, is worth trying. Rob Kardashian’s health has been a topic of discussion for the famous reality family, and for those who watch their shows. But since his latest instagram post, many have been wondering why he is turning to okra.

Rob Kardashian’s Instagram Inquiry

Rob Kardashian’s overweight appearance has been the subject of ridicule and Internet trolls who don’t mind trying to “take down” the famous family. Normally, Rob Kardashian and okra don’t go together, but the father of one is open to anything and trying to do whatever he can to stay healthy and get back on track.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star reached out to fans with on Instagram, posting a recipe for an okra-infused beverage and asking about the health benefits of eating okra. He captioned the post, “Has anyone tried this?? I need to know if it really works.”



The accompanying picture suggests that cutting okra and putting it in water overnight will get rid of diabetes and the need for shots.

One fan in response wrote, “@robkardashian , indeed it works. My dad who is diabetic got to know about it and we involved him on it. Believe me,he is as hearty as a lark. I am really happy seeing him strong and happy. Indeed, it works. By the way, I am a Nigerian. Greetings to Chyna, Kingy and Dream..”

There’s no word on whether or not this home remedy has worked officially, but as long as it keeps Rob out of headlines saying, “Rob Kardashian Hospitalized,” then it’s fine with us!