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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna memes are taking over the Internet, ever since Rob decided to air all of Blac Chyna’s dirty laundry out for the world to see. If you aren’t aware of the hot tea that was spilled yesterday, we’ve got all the details here. After Rob Kardashian’s Instagram post, the Rob and Chyna memes have been pouring in and people can’t help but laugh at these two and their love/hate relationship.

It all started yesterday, when Blac Chyna sent a video to Rob Kardashian (the father of her new baby) of her grinding and making out with some random guy. Naturally, Rob lost it! He took to Instagram, with what some people are calling “revenge porn,” by posting explicit pictures of Blac Chyna’s nudes all over the social media platform. That’s not cool, dude! Rob was doling out picture and secrets faster than Instagram could take them down, and everyone and their mother has been talking about it since! From pictures of her plastic surgery to spilling secrets about her drug addiction, Rob held nothing back. Though the page was shut down due to inappropriate posts, people all over the Internet have gone a step above and made some pretty funny memes about it. If you haven’t seen the latest, check them out here with our Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna memes piece, curated just for you!

1) How low can you go?!

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2) When Instagram shuts you down, Twitter will take you with open arms.

3) Awww Snaaap!!

4) Can a Kardashian really survive without social media?

5) Oceans fourteen maybe?!

6) Drake’s just saying what we’re all thinking…

7) Rob Kardashian’s playlist on repeat!

8) We should have listened to you, Great Obi Wan Kan-ye-bi!

9) Everybody Shush! Kris Jenner has something to say!

10) Get in line folks!

No kidding ?? ☕️? #robkardashian #blackchyna

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11) Its that MY robe? MYYY Robbbeee?!!

12) Blac Chyna, realizing she sent the video to the wrong guy!

13) Better disconnect that number, girl.

14) Rob’s Lemonade album coming soon.

15) Kanye serenading Rob today like…

15) Just when you think you’ve lost interest in the Kardashians and their drama…