Rio Olympics 2016 Zika Virus Update: Why is Hope Solo Being Booed?

Hope Solo
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The Rio Olympics 2016 are already off to an exciting start, with the U.S. women’s soccer team pulling in their first win against New Zealand! But the excitement has more to do with U.S. goalie, Hope Solo than the actual score. You see, Hope Solo was booed every time she touched the ball! Many were wondering, “why are they booing Hope Solo?” Well, it has to do with Hope Solo’s Instagram and Hope Solo’s Twitter posts, not to mention her remarks regarding the Zika virus. If you Googled, “Hope Solo Zika Virus,” you’ll already have an idea of what we are referring to, but let us get you more informed.

As you may know the Zika virus in Brazil has been a hot topic, almost even overshadowing the hype around the Olympics itself. Well, Solo added even more fuel to fire by posting images of her wearing a mosquito net hat while holding a large bottle of bug repellant, and another image of mosquito repellant bottles laid out on a bed. She captioned the image “If anyone in the village forgets to pack repellant, come see me…#DeptofDefense #zikaproof.” Although the pictures and captions may seem like the goalie is being proactive in protecting herself, the people of Brazil did not enjoy them.

Not sharing this!!! Get your own! #zikaproof #RoadToRio

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If anyone in the village forgets to pack repellent, come and see me…#DeptOfDefense #zikaproof


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But Solo isn’t phased, she told NBC Sports, “It’s the Brazilians, they love soccer, they love football, it’s part of the culture so I expect it, but they’re having fun. I mean, at least it’s loud in the stadium — I’d rather have that than hear a needle drop.” It’s good to see that Solo is staying positive around the whole ordeal and not letting the booing affect her game!

Solo followed up her comment with, “I never would want to offend the host country. In fact, I’m cheering for Team USA, but besides Team USA, I’m going to be cheering for the host country. I’m very grateful to them for hosting the tournament. Honestly, everybody around here has just been so nice and genuine and it feels very warming to be here.”

Lately, Solo has been gaining a lot of media attention as earlier this summer she addressed the poor conditions in which female soccer players must deal with, that the men don’t have to face. And the concern about the Zika virus at the Olympics is not one to be taken lightly. So, still the question remains: why is hope solo being booed? For taking precautions for her own health? It seems a little ridiculous.

Hope Solo’s Outcry Against Poor Soccer Conditions

Back in July Solo took the time to address the poor soccer conditions in which female soccer plays must endure. She took her thoughts to her website where she wrote, “We have a crisis on our hands and the players of the NWSL want to see more from our commissioner and our league. We lose a lot of players — quality players for the league — over time because they can’t afford it. In the end, to watch them realize their dreams aren’t sustainable is very hard to watch — and there are a lot of broken dreams for women in our sport.”

She accompanied her essay with images of some of those conditions, which included her team playing on a baseball diamond. The images were of injuries she developed while on the field, like the instance where she cut her thumb on a sprinkler head or when her cleats began melting as a result of unsafe temperatures of the field. If you go through the essay you would almost think that Solo was playing soccer in a third-world country, and yet she’s on American soil!

Other highlights from Solo’s essay include facts like players who are not allowed to practice on the field which they are about to play on, the showers being unsanitary, and the fact that league hasn’t adopted FIFA regulations (so when it comes to calls, there isn’t much regulation, at all.) The list goes on and Solo doesn’t hesitate to bring up all of these issues. She brings light to the many of the issues that the female soccer league needs to address and when you take the time to notice, you, too, would agree that big changes are needed.

Whether Hope Solo is being booed for speaking out against the Zika virus during the Rio Olympics, or posting her thoughts on her Instagram, Twitter, or her own website, it’s needless to say that Solo isn’t afraid to speak her mind. We just hope all the booing doesn’t get to her head and start causing losses for the U.S. soccer team!


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