Less than a year after Richie Sambora suddenly quit from Bon Jovi due to a “personal matter,” the guitarist announced that he’s been busy working on a solo project that’s quite different from touring with a rock band. Sambora is reportedly helping to develop a new show for HBO that revolves around a rising group of rock stars.

According to Sambora, the show will be about the ups and downs for musicians trying to navigate the music business. He added in his interview with ABC News Radio that he was initially brought on board as just a music supervisor for the network, but HBO showed interest in his script idea.

Sambora’s original idea was to do something along the lines of an autobiography—after all, he’s got decades of experience in the industry—but he says he ended up changing his mind, because he didn’t want to do something that was cliché and decided it was better to keep a lot of the gritty details private for the sake of his daughter. So he wrote a teleplay instead.


That being said, Sambora says that a lot of the material in the script was inspired by his own life. “I went between [being a] record company president [at age 28], and then I had another label. I was a manager. I’m a mentor,” said Samobra. But the list doesn’t end there. “I’m a songwriter for other artists. I produce other artists…I have all that life experience.”

With regards to actually appearing on the show, Sambora says they asked him to—especially because he’s got some past acting experience—but he refused, because it wouldn’t leave him with him much to pursue other projects.

That being said, the rocker will be making a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of John Stamos’ new sitcom Grandfathered. Sambora is also working on wrapping up his new album with his guitarist girlfriend, Orianthi.

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