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Celebrity fitness guru Richard Simmons has been in Hollywood for a long time now, making his millions through a blend of comedy and fitness!Richard Simmons’ net worth is currently $15.0 million, and he still has plenty more to offer. Not only is he entertaining, he is working towards making a fitter world. Check out how much money Richard Simmons has right here.

There is something about this 69-year-old fitness guru in Hollywood, and it’s not just is fashion sense! Richard Simmons is a vivacious personality and he can make anyone laugh in a jiffy. So if you were wondering how much money this weird workout wonder made, then we know everything about Richard Simmons’ net worth in 2018.

How Rich is Richard Simmons in 2018?

  • Richard Simmons was Jane Fonda’s male counterpart in the workout world of the ’80s. He was not only known for his now iconic workout clothing, but also for the amount of people he helped lose weight.
  • In an estimate, it was found that Simmons was responsible for helping people lose over 10 million pounds collectively (that means he earns about $1.50 per pound lost). With his classes and L.A. studio workouts costing $12 a class, who wouldn’t want to lose weight with Simmons?
  • Richard Simmons made a whopping $160.0 million through sales of his diet plan. His Deal-A-Meal diet was a huge success involving a clear-cut plan of regimented portions to help people get fit. It had a perfect amalgamation of carb, fat and protein intake, and calorie counts to help make better eating habits.
  • Before Simmons began his career, he was a maître d’ at a restaurant in Beverly Hills.
    Upon seeing how unhealthily people eat, Simmons was inspired to get fit himself. He began working out to eventually lose 123 lbs (he weighed 268 lbs), and came up with his famous workout plan to help others get on the path to becoming fit.
  • The Anatomy Asylum, his first workout studio, opened in Los Angeles, and was later renamed to Slimmons, where he taught motivational classes and aerobics.
  • Naturally, Simmons cashed on the current trend of the time—workout videos. Jane Fonda was the go-to name then, but the quirky Richard Simmons saw success with Sweatin’ to the Oldies, which sold over 20 million copies.

Check out how other fitness celebrities’ wealth compares to Richard Simmons’ current net worth:

Celebrity Net Worth
Jane Fonda $200.0 million
Suzanne Somers $100.0 million
Khloe Kardashian $40.0 million
Alyssa Milano $10.0 million
Jack LaLanne $15.0 million
Richard Simmons $15.0 million

Richard Simmons gave the world a whole new perspective on losing weight. If books are more your speed, then you can check out his books like Still Hungry after All These Years: My Story, Sweetie Pie: The Richard Simmons Private Collection of Dazzling Desserts, and Richard Simmons’ Never Give Up: Inspirations, Reflections, Stories of Hope.