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What ever happened to Little Hercules? With his birthday coming up, many are starting to wonder where the former strongest boy in the world, Richard Sandrak is today? If you’re wondering where Richard Sandrak is now, then have a look at our Richard Sandrak wiki.

Richard Sandrak’s Early Life

Richard was born on April 15, 1992 in Ukraine to Pavel Sandrak, a champion martial artist, and Lena Sandrak, an aerobics competitor. In 1994, Pavel took his family to live in Pennsylvania and at just age 2, Richard began training rigorously alongside his father. His father taught him everything about weightlifting and they later moved to Los Angeles to break into show business. Once they got to Hollywood, Pavel asked personal trainer, Frank Giardina to train Richard. Since he was always in the gym training, Richard never had a normal childhood.

Richard Sandrak’s Net Worth

Richard’s net worth is reported to be $400,000, due to his acting work in Hollywood. His most famous role was starring as a young Hercules (naturally), in the 2009 film, Little Hercules in 3-D. In the movie, Hercules left his father, Zeus (Hulk Hogan) and Mount Olympus to live on Earth as a mortal. Richard’s strength and physicality were used by Pavel to book as many TV and movie appearances as possible, including Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and the documentary, The World’s Strongest Boy. Many had their own opinions on Richard’s appearance and his rigorous workouts, as this young boy began to look more like a man on steroids.

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His Father Went to Prison

Pavel was known to push Richard too hard and had him on a very strict diet. But when Richard was 11, Pavel was sentenced to prison for being abusive to Richard’s mother. He later cut ties to his father and stopped bodybuilding.

Where is Richard Sandrak in 2017?

In a 2015 interview with Inside Edition, Richard was seen leading a normal life and enjoying his new job as a stuntman. It turns out that the now 24-year-old (who is soon to be 25) decided to stay in the entertainment business, but instead of memorizing scripts, he gets set on fire and leaps off tall buildings! He may not be the real Hercules, but he seems almost bulletproof. We’re surprised he wasn’t Henry Cavill’s Superman stunt double! But then again, that might have been hard, since Richard’s height is only 5’8 and he no longer lifts weights.

“I don’t lift weights anymore. If anything, it just got boring to me,” said Sandrak during his Inside Edition interview. At the time of the interview, he worked as a stuntman at the Universal Studios Hollywood Waterworld show.

He’s Kept a Low Profile

Although he was a world phenomenon when he was just 8 years old, the world has more or less forgotten about Richard Sandrak. He has kept a low profile and doesn’t have an Instagram account (at least not under his real name.) But there are Instagram fan accounts that are dedicated to him and his earlier years, complete with several pics of him flexing every muscle in his body.

“I’m very proud of my past. It’s not something I don’t want people to know, it’s just that I’m not going to be stuck living in it,” he explained.

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Richard Sandrak is just one of many who started out as child stars, but luckily for him, he got out as soon as he could. He could have ended up a lot worse but instead, he’s doing what he loves—even if that means getting blown up or shot at here and there. Hey, it’s got to be better than your dad running your life like a muscle man boot camp!