Richard Gere clearly still has no problem landing a pretty woman, even at 65. The actor seems to be taking his hot new May-December romance public, as he should, because his new girlfriend is hot! Her name is Alejandra Silva and she’s a 32-year-old Spanish socialite. (Her father is a businessman who used to be the financial CP of the Real Madrid football team.)

Gere and Silva stepped out as a couple for the first time in Sicily for the Taormina Film Festival, where he was presented with an award. They then took their May-December romance on an extended Italian getaway, as they were spotted cozying up on the beach in Taormina before getting up close and personal on a yacht near Acitrezza.

The 33-year age difference between the pair may sound like a lot, but it sounds about right for Richard Gere. It isn’t the first time he’s dated a much younger woman. His first wife, model Cindy Crawford, is 17 years younger; his second wife, actress Carey Lowell, is 11 years younger; and he was most recently linked to TV personality Padma Lakshmi, who’s 21 years younger.


Yes, the age difference in his latest May-December romance is significantly greater, but if it works for them, why shouldn’t they enjoy it? They’re a good fit in theory. Richard Gere is 65 and single (for the most part—he’s currently in the midst of settling his divorce from Lowell) but he’s got time and money to spend, so why not spend it with (and on) a hot younger woman? Alejandra Silva, on the other hand, comes from money, and since her first marriage failed, she’s probably happy to pass her time with a movie star whose pockets are deep enough (Gere is still worth an estimated $100 million) to give her the lifestyle that she’s more than likely gotten accustomed to. Besides, judging by the pictures of their PDA, she doesn’t seem to mind that he’s twice her age.


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