Richard Branson’s Island Vacation Ends with Bloody Trip to Hospital

Richard Branson

Richard Branson has always been known as an eccentric, adventurous entrepreneur. So it probably comes as no surprise that a recent trip to the Cayman Islands ended with Sir Branson sitting bloody in a hospital room.

Branson posted a picture on Twitter earlier today showing a huge red bite on his forearm. In a post on his personal web site, he explained that his plan was to meet with ocean conservationist Guy Harvey and go swimming with the stingrays at the Stingray City Sandbar. Unfortunately for Sir Branson, the stingrays weren’t in the friendliest of moods. “They mistook yours truly as their food. Suddenly I felt a painful sensation on my wrist,” Branson explained. That painful sensation was a stingray bite. Branson’s tweet about being “bitten by a shark” is a bit exaggerated. Although stingrays are technically part of the shark family, they are far from great whites.

Branson survived his run in with the rays, but his misadventures didn’t end there. On his stroll to buy some jewelry for his wife Joan in honor of their anniversary, he apparently didn’t notice the glass door in between him and the entry way. He walked straight into the glass and needed three stitches for a cut over his left eyebrow.  

It wasn’t all bad for the self-proclaimed adventurer. He later had a friendly mixed doubles tennis match with the likes of tennis superstar Anna Kournikova.

Branson built his fortune, which Forbes estimates at just over $5 billion, largely through his Virgin Group imprint, which included everything from music to Virgin Airways. He is known now largely for his philanthropic work.



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