In a shocking development, WWE superstar Rich Swann was arrested on December 10, 2017, for allegedly kidnapping his own wife! Su Yung was married to Swann for about nine months, and the two wrestlers recently got into a huge public dispute. Learn more about the incident in our Su Yung wiki.

Rich Swann’s wife is known for her tremendous performances in the ring. However, her husband reportedly had comments about her latest fight, resulting in Su Yung forced out of a moving car. Witnesses claimed that Swann left the vehicle, put his wife in a headlock, and then forced her back into the car.

The questionable act led to Rich Swann’s arrest, on charges of battery and false imprisonment, and his suspension from WWE, who stated, “WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Rich Swann has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest.”

Here are four facts from Su Yung’s wiki to know more about the wrestler.

A Punch Filled Start

Born Vannarah Riggs, she is a proud Tennessean born on June 30, 1989, making Su Yung’s age 28. She is from Memphis and began her wrestling journey a decade ago; her first match was against Tracy Taylor. But at the time, Taylor was a little too much for Yung to handle.

She had her redemption at the Main Event Championship in 2010, leading to a WWE phone call that changed her life.

The WWE Let Down

Su Yung signed a developmental contract with WWE that year, and made her first appearance at FCW House in September, with a slight tweak to her original name, Vannah. She shared a ring announcement with Matt Martlaro, and changed her name to Sonia a month later.

Yung faced a series of losses, starting with her fight against AJ Lee. She then teamed up with Audrey Marie against Aksana and AJ Lee, but lost the fight. In another match against Aksana in July 2011, she lost, and in August 2011, she was released from her contract.

The Aftermath

Since 2011, Su Yung has been associated with SHIMMER Women Athletes and Shine Wrestling. She lost a series of matches against Buggy Nova, She Nay Nay, and Jessie Brooks. In 2012, she had no turn of fate and was defeated by Sassy Stephie in Volume 50 and Volume 52 by Miss Natural.

Later that year, Shine saw Yung and her former opponent Taylor team up against Made in Sin, and lose. Things weren’t looking good for Yung, and she had to step it up if she wanted to make it big in wrestling.

Her next fight was an important one, and she finally saw a win. Even in her fights against Luscious Latasha and Gabby Gilbert, Su Yung emerged victorious. Her matches since have been a mix of losses and wins, and from 2014, she has been a villainess with Valkyrie.

Becoming Mrs. Rich Swann

Rich Swann is a 26-year-old wrestler and WWE champ. He began training as a teenager and made his debut in 2009. Since then, he has emerged as a wrestler to watch out for. In March 2017, he and Yung got hitched after dating for five years.

After almost nine months of marriage, the couple’s relationship is tainted with alleged physical violence against Rich Swann.

Swann could be facing five years in jail, and a $5,000 fine, for charges of third-degree felony, and battery.

His court date is December 11, and only afterwards will we understand what his future holds.