Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City fame reportedly claimed that just after filming its pilot, she wanted out of the contract. She even offered to work free in exchange for being released from the agreement.

Despite the fact that the series made the 50-year-old a household name, thanks to her character Carrie Bradshaw, Parker supposedly didn’t want to be “tied down” or committed to just one project.

The actress recently starred in a play alongside Matthew Broderick (her husband) and Seth Rudetsky in Massachusetts. It was Rudetsky who revealed that the actress was “reluctant” to even film the pilot in the first place, as she didn’t really want to get involved with a television series. But she apparently fell in love with the script, proceeded to film the pilot, and even forgot about it.


“Months later,” he added, “she found out the show was picked up and she completely wanted to get out of it. I mean, completely.”

He claimed that Sarah Jessica Parker calls herself a “journeyman” who loved jumping from one gig to another, instead of being tied down. Trying various ways to get out of the contract with HBO, she even offered to work for three projects free of cost in exchange for them releasing her from her Sex and the City contract.

However, the success that the show received and its subsequent spin-off films made the actress realize the value in her staying, and she now reportedly has no regrets about being a part of the projects.

Spilling more major Sex and the City news, Rudetsky also said that he heard from Parker that there might be a third installment of the hit franchise in works. He stated that she dropped hints of a new project involving “all the ladies.”

Rudetsky also confessed to auditioning for the first film, but didn’t end up getting cast.


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