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September 11 was and will always be a day to remember. For it was on that fateful day in 2001 that the world watched in horror, as the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon unfolded in the USA. It certainly changed the lives of Americans, especially individuals and families whose loved ones perished in the attack. Remembering 9/11, and the events that occurred on that day is difficult to dwell on, but is crucial to reflect on those who lost their lives. Many don’t even fully know the facts about 9/11, and how many people died during the 9/11 attacks. It is important that the history of 9/11 continues to be shared, because of the monumental impacts it had on the country, the government, security and the safety of all U.S. citizens. We are here to remember and reflect on the horrid events that occurred during the September 11 attacks, so read on to learn all the details and facts of 9/11.

  1. The 9/11 attack was the largest attack the U.S. has ever experienced. The attack killed nearly 3,000 people and more than 6,000 people were injured. Furthermore, the damage caused by this one event totaled damages of more than $10 billion USD, which includes properties, buildings, infrastructure, and other construction. According to several news reports, Islamist Terrorist Group Al-Qaeda was behind this September 11 attacks. The attack took place in three different locations, namely: the Pentagon in Arlington county, Virginia, the World Trade Center (Twin Towers) in New York City, and a field (where the fourth plane crashed) in Pennsylvania.
  2. It was reported that nineteen terrorists hijacked and took control of four passenger airplanes. It has been said that the mastermind behind the entire plan was Osama Bin Laden.
  3. Two planes, United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the World Trade Center Towers. American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the western side of the Pentagon, which is the Headquarters of the Department of Defense. The fourth flight, United Airlines Flight 93, was initially directed towards Washington D.C., however, it went down in a meadow near Shanksville in Pennsylvania.
  4. The terrorist attacks left the entire nation in a state of shock, as U.S. citizens watched the horrendous coverage of the events unfold on their televisions from around the country (and the world). Many countries expressed their support and condolences to the U.S. Many middle-eastern countries also condemned the 9/11 attacks, including Afghanistan. Due to this attack, racism and crime against Middle-Eastern people began to increase. Banks also started taking precautions and bank accounts assumed to belong to terrorists were also closed down.
  5. Following the 9/11 attacks, many memorials were constructed to honor the individuals who lost their lives that day. The Tribute in Light (also known as The Annual Tribute) was set up at Ground Zero (which is the basal section of the area where the Twin Towers were present). It was an art installation set up in remembrance of the September 11 attacks. Composed of 88 search lights, they were placed next to each other in close proximity, in order to create two vertical columns of light that would mimic the image of the two towers. Another memorial known as the New York Memorial was also constructed following the attacks.

Although it has been 15 years since the 9/11 attacks occurred, the grim memories of that day are still etched in the minds of not only Americans, but people everywhere. Take a moment to reflect on the historic event and the people who were lost to this tragedy. The least we can do on this day is remember, be mindful and pay tribute to those who lost their lives.