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Rejzohn Wright is one of the talented players seen on Last Chance U, season 5. The young athlete from Laney College overcame personal hardships to become one of the top junior college athletes in the entire country. The cameras that followed him on the Netflix show revealed how him slowly realizing his dreams of playing the sport he loves. This Rejzohn Wright wiki reveals more on this young athlete and where he is now.

About Rejzohn Wright
Height6 feet 3 inches
SiblingsDeandre Forks, Dejon, Johnovan, Jamiese, Nahshon Wright
ParentsJamal “Mal” Wright, Sadio Simon
AlumniLaney College, James Logan High School
Birth Year1998
HometownEast Palo Alto, California

Rejzohn Wright’s Family

Born in 1998, Rejzohn Wright hails from East Palo Alto, California. He and his football-playing brother, Nahshon Wright, were born to Sadio Simon and Jamal Wright. It was Simon’s second marriage.

Rej and Nahshon were raised alongside their brothers, Dejon and Johnovan, and sister, Jamiese. They also have an older half-sibling, Deandre Forks, who is a cinematographer and photographer.

Their father, Jamal “Mal” Wright, was a navy veteran who worked as a barber. Mal died in a fatal shooting in December 2017.

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Rejzohn Wright’s Football Career

Both Rejzohn and Nahshon Wright are football players, and both were stars of their team at James Logan High School. After Nahshon departed for Oregon State to play football, Rejzohn hoped to follow in his footsteps.

However, Rej suffered an injury to his ankle that nearly derailed his prospects. According to Deandre, Rej had over three offers to colleges out of state.

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10.18.19 – In the 4th quarter against the “San Francisco Rams” with just about 12 minutes left my brother @ptm_ray career flashed right before him. Thoughts of it being all over, face to face with a sprained but damn near broken looking ankle. With well over 3 offers to colleges in different states awaiting his commitment with more on the way before he departs from junior college in January 2020. A kid barely under the age of 21 from a small city of East Palo Alto,CA with @lastchanceu following him from home all throughout the school campus getting the exposure most kids would do anything for. Labeled number 1 in the nation of junior college football.. all of it all feels so faint and out of reach in just 1 moments time. A twist of fate. Me having the multiple experiences throughout my life loosing what I held near and dear to me, loosing all that I know, loosing what I put ALL of my time and effort in having to start over and rebuild from the ground, loosing what I made primary in my live without even considering a plan B for, loosing what I’d go to war with ANYBODY over is 1 of the most epic plot twist yet humbling experiences 1 could have. It teaches you more than it should hurt you. I understand that a little better now. Watching my brother cry during his experience brought me to tears. It brought me back to that place of emptiness we must all get back to, to receive. It reminded me just that fast that 1 day can change your life and 1 day can ruin your life. Most of all it reminded me of the devastating story of “Boobie Miles”. The tests we face in life are not to reveal our weaknesses but to help us discover our inner strengths. The race isn’t given to the swift or the strong, but to the one who will endure it to the end. Get well soon brother, keep straight. I love you bruv. Purpose over Popularity – D.F.

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After considering his options, Rej Wright chose to attend Laney College. Under Coach John Beam’s leadership, he became a three-star prospect, one of the top junior college players nationwide, and the No. 5 cornerback in the country.

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Rejzohn Wright Is at Oregon State

After two years with the Laney Eagles, Rejzohn Wright transferred to Oregon State University in January 2020. He is a junior at OSU, majoring in sociology there, and plays defensive back.

Wright’s choice of OSU has been a long time coming. Collegiate football analysts are anticipating that Rej Wright is as talented as his brother, Nahshon, and their cousin, Alton Julian, who is also an OSU football player.

Rejzohn visited his brother during the Beavers’ season opener game in September 2019. He also took the opportunity to check out the program during his visit, something that was reported in the media.

In December 2019, much to the excitement of the football fans hoping to see the Wright brothers play together, Rejzohn Wright signed with OSU. He left Laney earlier this year, but has yet to see any play time.