“Red Oaks” Season 3 Release Date: When Does “Red Oaks” Come On Amazon?

Red Oaks season 3
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Amazon Prime members are in for a special treat, as the Red Oaks season 3 release date is tomorrow! What time does Red Oaks come on Amazon? Everything you need to know about Amazon’s Red Oaks season 3 is coming right up!

The announcement of the Red Oaks season 3 premiere date is bittersweet for fans of the show. This is the third and final season, and it will be available this Friday, October 20th on Amazon Prime Video. The new season, set in 1987, finds Getty (Paul Reiser) serving his jail time from a sketchy trading business, while his much-loved country club called ‘Red Oaks’ is about to be sold. The news of this puts everyone’s favourite character, Nash (Ennis Esmer) into a desperate situation, while David (Craig Roberts) decides to use his videography skills to prevent the club from being sold. Based on the trailer clips, it doesn’t look like he’s been having much success. David is also dealing with the fact that both of his parents are in new relationships, while he can’t seem to catch a break. His dad, Sam (Richard Kind) is dating an African-American women, while his mom, Judy (Jennifer Grey) is now interested in women. Aside from the family drama, David has bigger things on his plate, especially moving up from his status as a production assistant at the company he works for in the city. He also has to worry about his best friend, Wheeler (Oliver Cooper), who is about to deal with a very surprising proposition this season. The official Red Oaks trailer gives a good look at what fans can expect from this season, and it looks like the showrunners want to go out with a bang!

In an interview, Roberts shared how he related to his character’s struggles in season 3 saying, “I definitely share the frustration of wanting to be a filmmaker and make films because it’s one of the jobs where you tell people you can do it, but there’s no way of proving it unless you have millions of pounds (dollars) to do something.” He added that he was surprised see how far the show would take his character, but that he was happy it turned out the way it did.

Rave Reviews for a Show from the Heart

According to reviewers, Red Oaks has been one of the most charming shows of its time, serving as a reminder of earlier TV days were coming-of-age stories were told in a simpler way, leading viewers to see bad guys change into good guys. Reiser gives all credit to the writers, Joe Gangemi and Gregory Jacobs, for the way the antagonists get kinder and more lovable. “Getty was first conceived as this arrogant–you know, the a*****–but he was immediately found to be more. It was like, ‘Oh he’s a loving father. Oh, he’s a loving husband.’ Even when he was tough on David, it was like, ‘Oh, he has a soft spot for him,’ or ‘Oh he’s doing it for a reason’ or he’s trying to bring him in because he’s worried about his daughter, or because he sees a piece of him, or because his dad was tough on him and there’s a lot of affection. The writers are really sweet guys, and they have really big hearts, and it did come from them. In the DNA of the show was a kind of courtesy, a sweetness.” If you want a sneak peek of the show, check out the trailer below!



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