A popular heartthrob like Justin Bieber probably gets fan mail all the time, with many coming from young girls professing their love. His most recent message, however, is kind of special, because it comes directly from Rebel Wilson and Kelly Osbourne!

The three were hanging out together in Las Vegas last night (Wednesday, January 20) and the ladies decided to have some fun with the Canadian singer. And that fun came in the form of a piece of paper ripped from a notepad.

Bieber tweeted a picture of the handwritten note this morning, which reads, “Dear Justin/my name is Kelly Osbourne/and my name is Rebel Wilson/We think you should take our Sexy Hot asses out after the show (nothing weird) [sic],” and then at the bottom are two check boxes that read “Yes” and “No.” (Remind you of your elementary school days perhaps?) Justin Bieber obviously thought the note was cute, because he tagged both of them and replied, “Thanks for the note.”


For those interested what went down that evening, Rebel Wilson posted photos of their night, which also included news anchor Hoda Kotb. “Having the best fun in Vegas tonight with my crew @KellyOsbourne , Biebs & Hoda X,” the actress/comedian wrote, and they all look to be having fun in the photos, even if “The Biebs” appears to be a little tired. Wilson also later tweeted Bieber and Osbourne to say, “Thanks for the great night X.”

Fans shared their appreciation and jealousy regarding the evening, but the best reply had to be from a U.K. Radio station, which shared their own version of the note: “Dear Justin/Our name is Capital FM/We think you should take our sexy hot asses out after the #BRITS next month. (Nothing weird, although we won’t tell if you don’t…),” followed by the same check boxes. Guess fans will have to stay tuned to see if Justin Bieber actually responds!

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