Fans and tabloids alike were surprised to hear the news that Simon Cowell, 55, had fathered a child with 38-year-old socialite Lauren Silverman. But no one was as surprised as her millionaire husband, real estate mogul Andrew Silverman, who also happened to be one of Cowell’s best friends.

Needless to say, the Silvermans’ 10-year marriage ended in a bitter divorce, which is expected when you only find out about your wife having an affair with your best friend because she accidentally got knocked up. To make matters worse, Cowell and Lauren Silverman stayed together after her marriage dissolved, and are now like one big happy family with their new baby.

However, the divorce may have been a blessing in disguise for 38-year-old Andrew Silverman, because he seems to have found love again. Friends have confirmed that Silverman is officially engaged to Samantha Lerner Zimmerman, a widow whose wealthy husband passed away in December 2012. Zimmerman actually looks very much like his ex-wife. One insider revealed, “Andrew is happy and he is enjoying his privacy,” adding that he and Lauren’s son, Adam, are “doing well” with both of his parents.


Interestingly, another source reportedly told the Daily Mail that one of the first people to congratulate Andrew on his engagement was his ex-wife. “She and Simon are really happy for them both. The relationship between everyone is good,” said the source.

After news of Lauren Silverman’s affair with Simon Cowell went public, Andrew Silverman confessed that he initially did not take it well. “I am a regular person, not a tabloid thing,” he said in a 2014 interview. “It was a fascinating experience, unexpected and shocking.”


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